Day: November 5, 2021

Fri. Nov. 5, 2021 – why bother? Because I like it and it adds to my life, and hopefully the lives of others.

Cool, damp, possibility of rain. The light misty drizzle continued into the morning yesterday, but then died out. It stayed pretty cool though. I wore a long sleeve shirt for the first time since spring. I had a jacket on too for part of the day. I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise for November. Forecast for today has rain possible. I hope not, as I’ve got some driving to do, and a piece of furniture to pick up.

My wife and kids will be headed to Girl Scout camp this evening, and gone through Sunday. I should be able to get some stuff done, if my body holds up. Knees, back, hands, shoulders, if things get sporty and the amount of manual labor that needs to be done increases, well that’s gonna purely suck.

I don’t know what the end game is for off grid or homestead living. In the old days, you dropped dead ‘in the harness’ so to speak, or your kids took over and you could retire in place. A modern husband/wife team can’t really expect to do the same. That was what happened at the big property I looked at. They were living off the land, but husband died, and then there was just too much to do for her to do it alone. Something to consider if your plans include high maintenance property or animals…

I’ve got pickups all over today. Total money spent will be minimal, but time, well, maybe not the best use of my time at this moment. I’ve cut way back but I still sometimes win with my opening ‘placeholder’ bid and have to pick something up that I really don’t need at the moment. Of course, the way my life works, some of those things paid off hugely later. Some I’m still waiting for the payoff.

That is life in general though. You plant some seeds, set some things in motion, and then hope for a good result later.

Get some seeds planted against the coming trouble. And stack some stuff.


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