Day: November 25, 2021

Thurs. Nov. 25, 2021 – Happy Thanksgiving Day. ( US )

Chilly and clear, should warm up and get sunny later.

Spent yesterday hanging out and eating with one branch of my wife’s family, and we’ll spend today with the other.

And we’ll be ” giving thanks”. Scare quotes because who exactly are we giving them to? If a benevolent deity, why? Why would He need to receive them? OFD could probably lay it out for me. In the absence of that, I’m thankful anyway. It gives us a chance to pause, a chance to evaluate, and a chance to appreciate what we’ve got, who we know, what we’ve done.

I’m thankful for the people who come by and share a bit of my life here, those who comment, and those who just stop in and read a little. I’m thankful for the opportunity and the privilege to continue doing so.

I’m thankful for the time and ability to prepare for whatever is coming, whether the ordinary trials of life, or something extraordinary.

I’m thankful for my family and for my continued existence on this mortal plane.

I’m thankful for the good times, and also for the bad as they shaped me into who I am.

Take a few moments today, and think about what you have to be thankful for.

Find joy wherever you can.

And stack it high.


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