Day: November 3, 2021

Wed. Nov. 3, 2021 – readership dropped by 2/3rds… or did it?

Cool, humid, and possibility of rain today. We got most of that, except the rain, yesterday. I did see a tiny bit of mist on the windshield while driving, and there were some dark clouds in the blue sky, but it stayed dry.

Which let me take down some of the Halloween decorations. I remembered last time having to leave stuff up too long because it was wet. I don’t have it all put away, but it’s mostly down. The HOA can’t complain about it at this point. It didn’t all get set up in one day, it won’t all go away in a day.

Spent the afternoon at the bank, then the other bank, then the Post Office, then picking up kid 2, then home for more decoration removal. In the process I bounced back and forth across town several times. I hate doing that. I’m no green weenie, but I do like saving money, so I usually try to keep my trips efficient. I like to either cluster stops, or do a big circle, or a simple out and back. I hate zig zags and retracing my route.

My wife did our volunteer hours for D1’s theater class yesterday too. I’m actually very happy to have missed that, it’s a bit of a busman’s holiday and I have a really hard time doing less than the best I can or dumbing down my work to match the capability and expectation of the ‘customer’. And they didn’t need a scenic carpenter, they needed people to sand boxes and position stuff. I would have been driven nuts. Hooray for my partner and helpmate for stepping up. Of course, she didn’t sand boxes either, she did stuff with the lighting system because that’s where her expertise and experience lie.

Yeah, meatspace. Still had other things to do.

The post title refers to the google stats for this site. I have no idea what they are basing it on, how the analytics work, or how accurate they are (not very is my suspicion), but the google says readership is down 63% iirc without checking… That’s month over month. If I trust that number, I gotta wonder why. Too much of the same stuff? Doom and gloom, my boring life, doom, inside Hollywood, doom. Or just burnout? No FLASHLIGHT talk? Glock vs 1911? Old Style vs Bud? Or was last month extra high for some reason?

I’ll take a closer look at the charts when I get time, and on the pc instead of tiny, tiny, tiny on the phone. One thing they say is that readership is 45% female, and 55% male. That’s a bit of a shocker. All you lurkers, consider this an invite to participate in any discussion or start your own! I really do want some diversity of viewpoints, experience, and knowledge.

Or should I start doing gear reviews, posting pics of my shelves and dog, or picking fights with other bloggers? Always keeping in mind, and in all seriousness, I like hanging out with all y’all, and don’t really want the issues in comments that other bloggers are having this year.

In the mean time, part of the reason for doing this is to keep all the old stuff on the site alive, so click on one of the keywords on the right once in a while and re-read (or ‘read’) some of the older posts and comments. There is some really good stuff there.

And, keep stacking.


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