Day: November 22, 2021

Mon. Nov. 22, 2021 – travel day. We’ll see how it goes.

Cool and damp, some clouds in Houston. Somewhere outside of Boston, it’s supposed to be chilly and raining.

Spent most of yesterday cleaning up and getting some of the flip top bins of stuff out of the house. Finally there was another storage unit available down the street from me, and I grabbed it. I’ll close out the one near my secondary location when I get back from this trip.

Then I packed. Decided that with the possibility of travel issues, we should all carry on and not check any bags. It’s as light as I’ve traveled in a long time. I’m sure I’ll spend the whole week reaching for a pocket knife that isn’t there. If I’d planned ahead, I’d have sent one to my in-laws but by the time I considered it, it was too late. I might have to buy something cheap while I’m there just to keep from constantly touching where it isn’t…

No hardware with me either. World better hold together for another week.

I’ll update when I get there and settled, hopefully it won’t be an interesting story.

Talk amongst yourselves, and keep stacking.


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