Day: November 10, 2021

Wed. Nov. 10, 2021 – conservative means conserving…knowledge, skills, resources….

Cool and slightly increased chance of rain. Yesterday was overcast much of the day but when sunny it was very nice. A bit humid, but nice. This run of days without rain has really let me get some stuff done.

I spent a few hours sorting and pulling stuff to take to the auction yesterday. I am taking six black and yellow bins and a large box to the auctioneer today. I actually have more room in the storage unit than I did when I started. I still have far too much stuff that I’ve put in “ebay” bins though. I have to move some of it to “sell it now” from “sell it sometime”, even if it means less money. That will take another round of sorting.

I also have a bunch of books there. Some are ‘inventory’, some are ‘apocalypse library’ and some are all about gubs… I’ve put together a pretty good library for -smithing, or repair. I’d like to do some machine work and try my hand at some restoration or mods, eventually. Getting all this stuff out of the way so I can use my tools again is definitely one of the goals. And there is crossover to my non-prepping hobby too. Since I love books as objects as well as what they are, it’s hard to sell them, even when purchased explicitly to sell. So I have a few *cough* piled up. The ones for sale need to be sold.

Goals for today are to get some easy listings banged out. Test at least one major piece for sale (high end speakers probably). Take stuff to the auctioneer. Maybe later do a little paperwork for my client’s upgrade.

All the usual stuff.

Yesterday’s shopping trip let me stack a bit more food. We ate one steak for dinner, and I’ll freeze the rest. I may go back and see if there is any prime left and buy the limit again. And I might buy another 50 pounds of rice or flour. ‘Cuz the pasta aisle was wiped out.

I added a keyword for skills, and started with my comments about sewing. I’m hoping to fill in some other skills too. That would be in addition to the ones we’ve already spent time on like food- acquiring, storing, cooking; communication- meatspace, ham radio; medical; financial- planning, frugality/deals; teaching… and others, although the focus is often on the task, and not how to accomplish it. Perhaps we talk more about ENABLING the skill, than actually how to do it. Which is ok too.

Skills are enhanced when you have the stuff to use them with, so keep stacking.


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