Day: November 18, 2021

Thur. Nov. 18, 2021 – well, that happened.

Cool and clear for most of Houston, possibly someone gets some rain, but hope it’s not me. No rain on me yesterday, and suitably mild all day. Really nice weather.

Spent the day at my client’s house, doing stuff. Mainly getting networking up so my controls guy can work remotely. He even sent his guy to help. Together we got most of what we could get done. I’ll finish that up today and move on to video. That’s the plan anyway.

My local auction happened and was a bust. Something went wrong and stuff sold for no money at all, or didn’t even sell. I KNOW what stuff has been selling for in local auctions. I’m watching two that close later today that have unusually low bids at the moment, but not 0s like mine had. It’s possible that the mood could have flipped and I was just a month late. I predicted some time ago that there would be a point where it all just ended, but I was hoping it was farther off and I could get a couple of auctions in before then. Otherwise, I don’t know what the issue was. I’ll be talking with the auctioneer later today too. He’s got to be just as freaked as I am since he did all the work.

In other news, my wife wants to go look at a lake house this weekend. It looks nice in the pix and it’s on her preferred lake. I need to do other things, like get my pallet load auction listed, or spend the day on paying work if I have to finish up my client’s install. Having someplace to go if the need to go increases suddenly is a long term prep that I really need and want, but… it’s a big commitment and we’ve got a huge list of other things going on. Is it ever a good time?

I guess we’ll see if the Republic gets a pause on the downslope when the Rittenhouse verdict comes down. No matter what, I see fires on the streets of Kenosha.

Keep stacking. It’s getting more interesting every day.


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