Day: November 6, 2021

Sat. Nov. 6, 2021 – alone again, naturally….

Cold, warming slightly, clear and breezy. Which is how yesterday played out. Chilly in the shade, not bad in the sun. 46F when I went to bed, mid 40s when I got up.

Did my pickups yesterday. Lots of driving. Some radio stuff, some home stuff. Dropped off at my local auctioneer, and he’s getting stuff listed and out of bins. I grabbed six bins to refill. He’s seen a bunch of it and wants more. I’ll bring him more.

Some excitement on the scanner last night, which I detailed in yesterday’s late night comments. If you get a scanner, and listen to it (I just leave mine running all the time in my office) you will learn stuff. It’ll be stuff that doesn’t hit the news. With actual news becoming harder to get, having the scanner can help establish some baselines, and alert you when activity is high. Like all things, you need to practice with it.

The goal for today, while the mice are away, this cat won’t play. I’ll WORK instead. Only me and the dog to worry about, so I can get out of the house for longer periods. I’ve got plenty to do here, but I really need to get out and to my secondary and to my storage units.

Hit a sale, order something for deliver, add to your stacks.


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