Day: November 7, 2021

Sun. Nov. 7, 2021 – fall back. In more ways than one.

Cold. Or at least chilly. Damp. Then less of both until it’s sunny and warm-ish. Because most days are like yesterday. Except when they’re not.

Did my running around. Spent a few hours at my storage unit going through stuff and loading bins. I’ve got some good stuff in there.

That will be my plan for today too, although I may start here. Family returns in the early afternoon. They’ve been having a blast so far.


Last night you should have “fallen back” by turning your clock back one hour, in most places in the US anyway. I don’t mind it although I do have a bit of trouble with sleep. It was much worse traveling across time zones when I was working and I survived that. The 12 hour offset to the middle East was about the worst. I always had the most trouble when I came home by traveling west. East, not a problem. West, messed me up. I was usually in a location for long enough to adjust, and then had to adjust back. LIVING in Central time had lots of advantages while working with both coasts. I could work productively many extra hours in the day! Hooray!


The other part of ‘falling back’ is about culture. Civilization. Mores, manners, trust. We’re falling back in those areas pretty quickly. Rule of law and a high trust society were essential for building the culture of Western Civilization. The more Rule by Law, and the less by Men, the more the west prospered and western people with it.

In the US, Rule of Law (ROL) has been under attack for some time. Recent events suggest that on a macro level, we’re already WROL, but still have Rule by Men. On a micro, or local, or day to day, level we still have some ROL, in most places. We still ape the traditions, mouth the words, for now. This won’t last. As the big picture, so too the small.

The left politically is doing everything they can to reduce ROL. They crave Rule of Man, because they think they will be the ones Ruling… they are puppets on a string. History shows us that once the revolution is complete, they’ll be on the chopping block just like those they led to it. The true Rulers will emerge to benefit from all their hard work.

For some ordinary folks, not much will change. If you live a life of dependence and meanness, it will probably continue. But if you don’t, you will be ‘falling back’. All of the progress you’ve made in your career, your financial life, your health, will be taken from you. Little by little or all at once, they will try to break you.

Plan for how you can fall back on your terms, gracefully if you can manage it. Everything around us will be falling back too. Healthcare. Available food. Jobs. Service. Culture. Performers celebrated for singing about their W.A.P. fete’d for bragging about choking on … something, and the rise of rap music is just one indicator. Rising crime, failing systems and infrastructure, fewer choices in the stores- more indicators. Weirder crimes, more explosive violence, and decreased tolerance of anything someone doesn’t like- more indicators. Extremism in all its forms- another indicator.

I don’t know how far back we’ll fall, but I know that once you damage something, it will never be the same, and it’s easier to break than repair… so give it some hard thought, and prep.

Stack some things.


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