Day: November 30, 2021

Tues. Nov. 30, 2021 – and away we go!

Cool and clear, still damp though. Picture postcard blue skies yesterday, but so damp the puddles wouldn’t dry.

Took care of my pickups and got D2 in due course. Didn’t get to the grocery store. Not critical, as we have plenty of food, just no fresh milk. I’ve got strawberry and chocolate for the kids’ lunches in UHT boxes, and some whole milk UHT boxes for cooking use. I used it last night for the mac n cheese box that accompanied dinner. Dinner included some indian pouch food, spicy potatoes with chick peas and a sauce. Looked just like the picture on the pouch and tasted pretty good. Best by, 2015. The rest of the meal came from a box, the freezer, and a can. Yum, all the food groups.

Started putting up some Christmas decor, put away the Thanksgiving stuff.

Today is a busy day. Wife is headed to San Marcos for training, so I have D1 to orthodontist in the morning, and D2 to pick up from school in the evening. In between, one pickup, and then off to my client’s house to continue the install. My time is not my own today or tomorrow. Nothing will leave the house or get listed for sale. Christmas decorations will probably not progress either. It is what it is, I guess.

No rest for the wicked, or peace for the weary.

And I need to get to the store for this week’s groceries. Good thing I have stacks, and nothing is critical.

That’s why we do it. Stack it high.


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