Month: October 2021

Sun. Oct. 31, 2021 – Halloween. My favorite!

Cool and fairly dry warming up later. Yesterday was very nice. It got to 85F in the sun, while still being 65F in the shade. A great day for working outside.

Which I did, at least a little, while getting my display set up. Since the universe so kindly gave me the pieces I needed to complete my new skeleton pirate vignette, that’s what I did. Two pirates, on broken chairs, sprawled next to a crate covered with cloth, with an open jewel box (coffer) and various spilled jewelry and shiny metal plates and cups. A few metal candelabras and I’ve got a pirate celebration on my lawn.

I got a few of my older decor pieces out of the attic too, but I’m not going as crazy as some years just throwing everything out on the lawn. (I usually set up ‘areas’ that are more themed, but the whole yard doesn’t have a theme.) There will be “old standby” pieces that won’t get out this year.

While I was adjusting the lighting, one of our Deputy Constables drove by, slowing to admire the display. She turned around and stopped to tell me she liked it, so I asked her to keep an eye on it overnight. That saves me some time that I thought I’d spend putting the pirate stuff away overnight just to be sure it would still be there for tonight. I saw her drive by again at 1:14AM before I went to bed. Couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t get snatched, but it made me feel better leaving it out.

One of the best parts of our neighborhood is the 24/7 Constable patrol.

Today will be getting the rest of the display stuff set up, getting all the small toys and candy ready, and maybe getting something together for me as a costume. I’ll probably just paint myself with UV paint again though. It’s easy and looks dramatic.

Then at some point the kids will start coming by. First a trickle,then a flood. We usually get between 100 and 150, mostly younger than about 15. A couple of older kids always show up around 9pm, but they’re usually the last. A few more of my neighbors will be home this year to hand out candy too. I hope my candy holds out. There might be some pent up demand after last year’s COVID related restrictions.

I enjoy today a lot. I get a nice outlet for my theatrical skills, and I get to see the neighbors, and make kids happy. What’s not to like?

Take a break once in a while, especially if it’s something that cements your ties to your community. Meatspace baby!


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Sat. Oct. 30, 2021 – stuff needs doin’, and I need to do it…

Cool and windy again. Not supposed to be any chance of rain.

Had a pretty strong wind most of yesterday. Headwind all the way to Austin, when it wasn’t a cross wind knocking me from lane to lane. I used half a tank of gas pulling the empty trailer there, and only a quarter pulling the loaded trailer home.

And load the trailer I did. The pickup was at some type of testing company. They had a bunch of vehicles or cabs from vehicles, and they were doing something non-destructive with turning them upside down or something. In any case, the Ranger was basically sitting in the lot for the last 6 years. Lots of mold and mildew on the outside but the inside was pretty good, considering. We got it loaded up with ‘man-draulics’ and a little help from a couple of other guys doing their own pick ups. It is going to suit me fine as a parts vehicle.

There certainly seemed to be a lot of new construction going on outside the eastern side of Austin, along 290. Giddings looked like it was doing ok, and Brennam was better than the last time I was through there. Still a lot of vacant buildings along the route. LOTS of billboards with no ads on them except their own begging to rent them. I think there must be some data point for the state of the economy there.

Got home later than I wanted, power washed the new and old trucks. I’ll return the trailer today. The uhaul car hauler is very easy to use and well thought out. It’s also VERY WIDE. You need to pay constant attention to where you are in the lane. It worked a treat for me.

Today I’ll be doing stuff around the house. Mostly Halloween decor stuff if I’m lucky 🙂 but I’ll also be doing stuff in the driveway and patio to clean up after all the wind. It tossed LADDERS around. It blew down an acquaintance’s fence, right across the street from D1’s school. Lots of bigger branches and smaller trees were damaged too. I think it was more wind than I’ve seen here outside of a hurricane.

My antennas seem to have come through ok, and that’s a plus.

Time to get to work on meatspace stuff, and clear the decks for more stacking.


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Fri. Oct. 29, 2021 – what I desire is man’s red fire…

Cooler with this front that blew in. Then slightly warmer, and I’m hoping for normal wind. Yesterday it was really windy with swirling gusts. There are lots of small and mid sized branches down all through the neighborhood, and I had some too. One small ornamental tree twisted off at 5 feet above the ground. One smaller branch off the oak tree. Bushels of twigs and leaf clusters. Crazy the way the wind was blowing.

Didn’t get as much done as I wanted to, of course. Wife called and asked me to get D2 after I picked up my car trailer. And I didn’t start the day with “pick up windblown debris for a while” on the list either. But there it is.

Today I have a few things to get together, then I’m off to Austin (north side, taking 290) to pick up the Ranger ‘parts truck’ I won. Got the whole thing for the cost of a tailgate. It’s white and my truck is blue, but all the sheet metal looks straight. It’s got the steering wheel control clusters that I need too. Airbag alone is worth $100- 200 for both. And there seems to be a big @ss speaker in the back, so I’ll be rocking that. Or not.

Once I leave the house I should be radio silent for a few hours. Try not to burn the place down 😉

And stack some stuff.


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Thur. Oct. 28, 2021 – …and be just like the other men, I’m tired of monkeying around…

Well, I think it will be cool to start, warming through the day, then hot, humid throughout, and partly sunny. And if it is like yesterday, we’ll get a little downpour with high winds right in the middle. 62F when I went to bed.

I didn’t get much of anything done yesterday. I fell asleep for a while in the morning, got rained out of some of my plans, and then the day was gone. Somewhere in there I talked with my auctioneer, arranged a trailer for my ‘parts truck’ pickup, played with the dog, and did some ebay listings. Once again, I’m seeing a strong correlation between listing, and selling, to the tune of “if you don’t list every day, you won’t sell.” I went a couple of days without listing anything, and had no sales. Did just a couple of listings yesterday and sold an item last night. Other resellers on youtube have noticed as well. Doesn’t even have to be a good listing, one dvd a day is fine, but there has to be something. I share because I care. Sell some cr@p. Buy some preps.

Speaking of, I ordered new frying pans, some coffee, and a book from amazon. My pans need to be replaced. Nonstick pans are an expendable, and not something I see in the auctions very often. If there were never any more, I’ve got good stainless, but the nonstick are so much easier for some things… the pans will be here in a few days, but the coffee is “in stock soon” showing a December 12 delivery estimate. Um, it’s the manufacturer’s store on amazon. I’m going to have to pay about $6 more per 48oz bag to order direct from the manufacturer’s website if I want any next month. I’ve GOT some on the shelf, probably enough to get through ’til then, but jeez. There have been mentions in the press of coffee shortages, but until this order I haven’t had any problem. The brand is in stock at Costco even, but they changed varieties to something light and fruity, instead of the classic dark I prefer. I’ve got depth of backup for coffee, but I’d like to stay with fresh for as long as possible. Issues somewhere in the chain. One more indication you need to stock up when you see something you need.

In other news, the dog seems to be fine again. Daughter’s cut on her leg had the stitches out and looks fine. She’s completely over the procedure she had done for an ingrown toenail. Neighbor had a crew knocking down his chimney today, in the most slipshod way possible, and I think they still left the part between the roof and the ceiling. From the noise of brick chunks hitting the ground, I suspect a chunk fell inside the house. It felt like it fell in MY house. They have cut a bunch of holes in the new roof, near where the giant beam sticks through. I don’t see a plan in effect, but it’s not my house so my curiosity is high but my GAF is low. Neighbors across the street had 6 big trees trimmed pretty dramatically in one afternoon, which only confirms that the monkeys that took 3 days to cut down two trees at the next door neighbor’s were monkeys. I don’t think I’ve seen one company name painted or even stickered on the vehicles for the guys working on the house. That’s some fly by night trunk slammers right there.

I have a goal for today, we’ll see if I hit it. I better, or the boss’s patience might be exhausted.

So I’m off to work, so I can clear the way for better stuff to stack. Stack it high, before you can’t.


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Wed. Oct. 27, 2021 – getting more work to do, and some small portion done

Hot and damp again, although the chance of rain seems to be lessened a bit. We got a couple of spritzes of rain late in the day. Just enough to convince me to put the tarp back on the truck, but not even really enough to get wet.

Among my tasks for today are getting stuff out of the house and out of storage and TO the auction. I also need to arrange and maybe pick up a car trailer for my Thursday adventure picking up my parts truck. Wife was not thrilled btw. Who knew? If I leave it in the lot at my secondary, it will get destroyed, starting with cutting out the catalytic converter, ending with someone breaking windows and using the back seat to fornicate, or defecate. Neither is appealing to me. If I can’t flip it to the repair place it will be in my driveway for a while.

One of my auction stops was for radio stuff, antenna cables mostly but there was some other stuff in the box. The other stop was the county surplus facility. I haven’t been there in a long time so I spent some time chatting with the clerk/admin that runs the office. They are getting crazy high prices for their surplus, mostly from new buyers. This was the case last time I was there too, but has only increased. There are a lot of people trying to be resellers and competition for product is getting intense. While I was there chatting a buyer called in and renounced her lot, offering it to anyone who wanted it. It was radios and chargers. Yep, I’ll have that for free, thanks. Turned out to be FRS/GMRS mostly but also one nice Moto business radio. I officially have far too many of the little radios and should start pairing them up and selling them.

With the radios and antenna stuff, that aspect of prepping gets a few more thing on the stack. I’ve been doing food, and hard to get medical. Now I need some bigger things, like the gennie hookup, whole house water heater, and master bath … since it’s getting cooler, attic work is back on the table. Oh, and I need to get my client sorted.

All while decorating for Halloween, and then the endless stream of holiday preps, including freaking air travel Thanksgiving week. I better get cracking.

Keep stacking.


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Tues. Oct. 26, 2021 – week is bringing stuff to do, that’s what…

Another day that is hot and humid, with some chance of rain. Didn’t rain yesterday but it sure was humid again.

Spent the morning cleaning and moving stuff, and the afternoon with D2 rearranging her room. She likes the result, and it is the end of several projects. We measured and modeled her room and furniture in Sketchup, we assembled a flat pack bookcase and painted it with her running a mini screw gun, and I turned an old VHS tape storage tower into a display for some of her small Lego kits. Took quite a bit longer to do all that than I thought it would. Then again, by the time we got home from school, and before having to start dinner, didn’t really leave a whole lot of time, and I lost a couple of Mondays to vacation and no school days. Not sure what the next project will be, maybe getting one of the 3D printers running.

Today I’ve got pickups and drop offs. And if I have time some work on my client’s project paperwork, or some more Halloween decor. Unless it rains.

And on Thursday I need to pick up in Austin. I won the parts truck in the auction out there. I’ve got all the stuff I’ll need for my Ranger, for a long time or until I sell the leftovers. Freaking tailgate is $400-600 and I got the whole truck for less than that. It’s everything the shop needs to fix my truck, and then some. Maybe I’ll offer it to them.

In any case, I’ll be busy this week. Moreso than normal.

Don’t know how much stacking I’ll do, other than the truck stuff. I’m starting to get nervous about seeds and fertilizer. I need to find time to hit up the Home Depot garden center. Like every other project going, the fall garden is looming.

So do as I say, not as I’ve been barely able to do… and keep stacking.


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Mon. Oct. 25, 2021 – a brand new week, what will it bring?

Hot and humid, maybe some rain today, somewhere in the area. We never got any yesterday but it sure was damp. I was sweating through my t-shirt standing still in the shade. I’m pretty sure I saw 97F in the sun late in the day. It was down to 77F when I went to bed though.

I spent too much time on tattoo grrl and The Bad Baldwin yesterday and don’t intend to do it again today. The fish don’t see the water, and can’t be convinced it’s there. The ‘four rules’ are a CULTURAL artifact of the gun culture in the US. They are not laws, or laws of nature, or even universally revered. Freaking afgans probably think we’re p#ssies for our fear of firearms and ‘rules’. An American shooter’s insistence on the ‘four rules’ is very modern and FAR from universal and is CULTURAL. The cultural traditions of the actors on a movie set are different. They’ve got no knowledge of or worship of the ‘four rules.’ They believe that every gun they encounter at work is going to be made safe by the people whose job it is to do so, and that they can and should point guns where they’re told to, and pull the trigger if they’re told to do so- SAFELY. The results of following the rules speak for themselves, as do the results of NOT following the rules. Different culture, different rules. Different churches, different gods. So unless something new comes to light (like that tatgrrl was barred from properly doing her job by covid restrictions) I’ll be responding to any questions or comments about TBB, or Tatgrrl at my leisure and in my spare time.

That is a conscious departure from my normal mode of trying for a timely and helpful comment or response to any exchange here.

Yesterday I felt unwell all day, slightly dizzy, slightly nauseous. I think it was because I smashed and scratched up my cheater glasses, and I was doing a ton of staring at screens with them on. I noticed that if I wear them while moving around, I’ll get ‘swirly’ when I move my head and everything in my field of view moves. So it makes sense to me that if they were scratched up and no longer centered on my face it would mess with my brain. Or it could be I’m just feeling poorly. In any case, I was content to be sitting down in front of the computer and not busting @ss moving pallets at my secondary location. It didn’t help with my list of stuff to do though. Fortunately I’m a prepper, so I got another pair out of the cabinet, and Lo! one of the auctions has Costco overstock reading glasses in it. I won a set of three in 1.25 and another in 1.50 strengths. $7 for 6 pairs of glasses works for me.

I did get my bookshelf projects painted. I’ve got an old VHS tape storage tower to use for displaying small lego models, and the bigger unit to use for books in D2’s room. At least we started the project together…

I got some of my Halloween decor set up over the weekend. I need to get more of it out. I like doing it. It’s a creative outlet and a social thing… and I would miss it if I didn’t. So I make time for it despite all the other things on the list. Meatspace baby!

Speaking of meatspace, I met the new owner of the house next door. Seems nice. Married, no kids yet, intends to live in the house. I did ask him what was holding up the chimney. He was a bit shocked when he realized what I meant. I had to point out that they took the chimney and fireplace out from the bottom up…but left everything above the roof just hanging there. Surprise! It’s a pretty big oversight and would destroy any confidence I had in the GC. I guess that’s just me though.

He’s making extensive structural changes to the roof system, and from what I can see, I’m surprised there is an engineer on the permit. Eh, what do I know? Taking out all the rafter ties (ie ceiling joists) PROBABLY won’t cause the weight of the roof to push the tops of the walls apart and let the roof slowly sink down while the walls spread out. Probably there is some magic I don’t know about to replace that bottom part of the triangle that makes the roof a truss. Hope they don’t wait too long to install the magic. It’s been my direct and hands on experience that those walls start to push out pretty quickly… and I’m not sure how they intend to close the slot they cut in the NEW roof to install a big beam, when the beam still sticks out through that slot, and if they cut down the height of the beam they reduce its strength… I’m sure the low bidder illegals will figure out how to cash the checks before it falls apart. In any case it’s only my problem peripherally in that I don’t want a failed project next door and I hate to see anyone get taken advantage of.

It does make my life marginally more interesting.

As if I needed another hobby.

Plan for today, do some work. Pick up D2. Do some daddy daughter stuff, like maybe rearranging her room to accommodate the new bookcases. Maybe I can convince her to put the resin printer and the filament printer in HER room…. hey that’s an idea!

I’ve also got a 3 year old dell pc to check out. Bought it for $8 so no big deal if it is a parts machine. Should be a Core i5 with win10. We’ll see. There is a bunch of ebay stuff to prep too, and stuff to pull for the local auctions. There’s always more to do. I did get 7 loads of laundry washed and dried and mostly folded this weekend. So there is that bit of domestic bliss to feel good about.

Life goes on, even during the decline. Plan for the worst, hope for the best, don’t do anything irrevocable. Get yourself centered and ready to move in whatever direction is best.

And stack it high.


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Sun. Oct. 24, 2021 – well, was it good for you?

Damp and cool-ish, some sun, if we’re lucky. Yesterday ended up that way, light misty drizzle. That stifled some of my plans. Teh intarwebs ate more of my day. Who knew my time in Hollywood would have relevance here?

I don’t want to spend any more time on it, unless someone has read through the relevant threads and comments at Aesop’s and the whole comment thread here yesterday and still has real questions. I’ll try again to state what I believe and why, and why you should believe me. It comes down to this being a workplace accident. Baldwin was not acting as a private citizen out in the world where one set of rules applies. He was working, in a [nominally] controlled environment, at the direction of others, under a different set of rules. They are different because the work aims to create the illusion of dangerous reality, while minimizing the actual danger. That the rules work when followed is attested to by the safety record of the industry. That the rules were not followed in this case seems pretty clear and the result is death, injury, and trauma, followed by massive economic losses. The economics are important because it was WORK undertaken by a business, and economic considerations probably contributed to the situation.

In the working environment, under the rules established, the actor IS NOT responsible for gun safety. Like it or not, he is not. The actor is not in any way shape or form a “competent person” under workplace safety laws. The actor is not a “responsible person” under workplace safety laws. They have only the general responsibility to be safe at work that every employee has. They are very fancy ‘temp’ workers. Actors, even principals (main characters) might only be on set for a couple of days total. They don’t necessarily know anything at all about movies, production, anyone’s job, or any other thing besides ‘stand here, look here, say this, do this.’ The job of keeping all these baby ducks safe and getting a usable work product out of them falls to the professionals in the production. They include people who DO meet the definition of “competent person” and “responsible person”. The crew is there for the duration, the actors come and go. The actors are literally shuttled and herded, coddled and ‘managed’. Everything is done for them that can possibly be done because they can’t be trusted to do it themselves.

If this sounds awful to you, again, it doesn’t matter. This is the way it works, and you are not an actor. FWIW, most ‘actors’ are not primarily actors either. Cliches are sometimes cliches for a reason. Sometimes they are not and there are actors who are sharp as razors. There are football players who are Rhodes Scholars too, but most of them are not. Even an incredibly sharp actor doesn’t necessarily have any interest in learning about something he’ll be using for 10 minutes out of two days, 3 times a year. And that’s how long and how often he might hold a gun in a movie shoot, if he’s a working character actor. An action star might get considerable screen time using weapons but actually shooting them is only a small part of the time on screen and a vanishingly small part of their yearly work hours. I mean, jeez, how many times do you hear gun people complaining about guns or techniques shown in the movies? Well, that actor might have spent a whole couple of hours over a week holding a gun. And then he did nothing for two years, before showing up on set for his three day shooting call for his next project. They are pretending to competence, and the vastly larger crew that shoots the film makes it possible for them to do so.

The actors are usually the least safe, and least competent people involved, which is why the competent crew people are the ones trusted to make decisions like “is this gun safe”. FFS, you wouldn’t trust an actor to make life or death decisions in an operating room, why would you let him make that decision with a gun? His whole life is pretending to competence he doesn’t have.

I get it that people are angry that this particular anti-gun douchebag isn’t going to be held responsible for a deadly accident involving a firearm that happened in his workplace. If it had happened at his home, or your home, or on the street I’d be making a different argument. I don’t go into mines and tell the miners that their work rules are stupid and criminally negligent when someone dies. I don’t go down to the fire station and tell the firefighters that they are doing it wrong because I wouldn’t do it the way they do. (I might lobby that their doctrine should be changed, but not at the station house.) I don’t tell pilots that they are full of sh!t for believing that their way is the safest way they can think of to do things, even when their way breaks down and kills people.

I once did enough rigging (hanging stuff in the air) in the theater and entertainment world that I was at least competent enough to spot bad rigging when I saw it. Then I helped set up a Cirque du Soleil show and realized I knew NOTHING about circus rigging. It was completely different from what I did know, and looked unsafe as HELL to me. But it wasn’t. They had CENTURIES of tradition and methods of work to draw on, and smart people adapting it to new materials.

This is all to say that a movie set is a workplace. The actors are employees, and temps at that. They have no expectation of competence outside of pretending to be something they are not. They are told what to do, guided and instructed at every step, the way is made clear for them, and they do their job, which is only to convince you of the lie, and the truth of the story. The crew is the responsible party, in every sense of the word. A shoot is not your workplace. It’s not a town square, or anywhere in real life. The rules are different because they have to be, because they are what keeps the workers safe, just like the rules in a mine are different from the rules in a restaurant, are different from the rules for a steeplejack, or a merchant marine vessel, or an aircraft carrier.

The movie business – Hollywood – is an industry with its own set of rules and regulations, its own set of laws in some places, and its own way of doing business. It’s not a mine. It’s not a daycare. It’s not a shooting range, or a gun club, or a school for actors. Compared to other industries it’s incredibly safe. Compared to other regular gun users it’s astoundingly safe.

As an actor, if the reports so far hold up, Baldwin was not responsible for the death and injury. As a manager/ maybe part owner of the company, he might have responsibility if his decisions as a manager/owner contributed to the accident. The armorer has the primary responsibility in fact, legally, and in practice. The AD who handed the gun to Baldwin and declared it ‘safe’ might be found to have more responsibility than the armorer, but that’s for lawyers and courts to decide, he certainly shares it with the armorer. That is my understanding under the work rules and practices prevailing in the industry. It’s the understanding of the knowledgeable lawyers I quoted in comments yesterday, of the crew actually working on the set, and of almost everyone working in the business who has commented.

It’s clear that in this case the industry rules were not followed, and actually competent people were not involved. People WILL pay for that. It just might not be the anti-gun hypocrite Baldwin.

And I hope that’s all I’ll have to say about that.

Now, don’t join the blood dancing howler monkeys who WILL use this for more attacks on our gun rights. And because I blog about prepping, consider that they might ram something through, and think about the effect on you and prep accordingly.

Don’t be distracted from the real threats we’re facing. Keep stacking.


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Sat. Oct. 23, 2021 – so much shorter when I’m tired…

Cool and damp until it’s hot and damp. Some chance of rain. Like yesterday only moreso.

Did my stuff on Friday. Even hit Micheals and JoAnnes to get just the right gold rope for D2’s costume. Of course, she didn’t want it when I got home. joy.

Had a fun evening at elementary school, see comments last night if you’re interested. Most of the people were un-masked, as we were outdoors. Two school district police officers assigned to us over the course of the evening. That’s down from similar events in the past.

Today, well, I’ll tell you about today later. Then I don’t have a bunch of predictions that are wrong… 😉

Get out into your community this weekend and participate in the secondary economy. Buy something from a street vendor/yard sale/flea market for cash. Start making regular withdrawals of cash for “pocket money” to build up what you’ve got on hand in order to loosen the surveillance net around you. You can use the money to buy your spouse a gift s/he doesn’t know about from a card purchase, for example. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

Most of all, figure out where your gaps are and fill them. I’ve never been much of a “put it aside for barter” prepper, but think about that. Small durable items that people would value far beyond their cost today. Something most people would run out to get at the last minute. Share your thoughts…

Stack it high.


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Fri. Oct. 22, 2021 – no particular insights

Cooler, overcast, some chance of rain. Houston is in a very small “thunderstorms possible” area on the national map today and tomorrow, so someone will probably get rained on. I covered the stuff in the bed of my pickup overnight in case we got some showers.

Spent most of yesterday driving around and picking stuff up. One auction I got some radio stuff. One I got some more hand sanitizer. Two cases for $5/. It’s alcohol and water with a bit of hydrogen peroxide in a spritz bottle. Very light and clean, no sticky. I use it to clean all kinds of things. It’s my favorite for cleaning my hands when I get back in the truck. Does great on my desk and other surfaces, and it’s cheap because people are ‘over it’.

That’s why fugitives get caught, it’s why people leave school without a degree, it’s why they quit going to the gym by February… I’m not good at following through with some things, but there are others where I can “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…” for as long as needed. Whatever is coming is likely to be long and you’ll need to keep doing the right thing for a long time. It gets repetitive to keep hammering away at prepping, but – I think the need is great, and it bears repeating.

There are a lot of similar voices out there in the blogosphere all of a sudden. I even sometimes see my own words coming around, and I wonder if they are mine or the person got there the same way I did, and it just took a bit longer. No matter, as long as the message gets out. It’s frustrating when I can’t remember where I wrote something, only that I did.

Was it Cliff Stoltz that envisioned your computer keeping track of everything you did in a ‘lifestream’ that you could later move back and forth in? That would be handy for some stuff, that’s for sure. It would allow me to collect some of the stuff I’ve scattered around in various places recently and put it together into some sweet recycled ‘content’ with minimal additional effort 🙂 Maybe I need a keylogger. If there was one smart enough to group and stamp stuff that 99% of the time I don’t ever look at again, but could highlight it when I eventually search for it, I might be tempted. Or I guess I could ask the NSA.

If I could find it all, I’d collect what I’ve written about living in the secondary market, practicing for it, and how that’s all relevant to the coming unpleasantness. I’d collect what I’ve written recently about shortages and logistics too. Lot’s of people having those discussions in different places and my [meager] contributions are scattered around. IP is best when you can re-use it 🙂


Anyway, today is a couple more pickups, radio stuff and household buys, then school activities until late. I’ve realized that I buy very little outside of food in traditional retail settings anymore. It gives one a very different perspective on what stuff ‘should’ cost when you see it selling for 1/3 or 1/2 of retail all the time. Now if I could do that with food too…

Then I could REALLY stack it high 😉


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