Day: November 24, 2021

Wed. Nov.24, 2021 – Turkey day looms… baking has commenced

Another clear and chilly day here near the Eastern Seaboard. There are still some vivid red leaves on some few trees, but most of the leaves have turned and fallen. It’s as grey and depressing as I remember.

Spent most of yesterday asleep in a recliner. Sugar overload and sore back conspired against me. Did get out for a while to the bookstore. D2 wanted the whole place but only conned grandpa into buying a few things. She spent $28 of her own money too. Kid is like me, likes to own books. I just like to buy them cheaply. She likes them crisp and unread.

Lots of baking on the agenda for today, followed by a visit to relatives. Cousins for the childers to spend some time with. Family. Well, relatives in any case.

Local newspaper is interesting. So many half truths, appeals to authority, and all the rhetorical tricks for any story outside of this little town. Editorial imported from the Chicago Tribune, that flat out lies about the Rittenhouse case. One letter to the editor mocking a pro- Bidn piece. Small town news. Newspapers aren’t dead everywhere but they are headed that way. This one seems to have taken the advice to focus on the hyper local to heart, and it worked so far. They are still around.

We’ll see if I can avoid politics for the next two days. Seems unlikely. Funny that FIL who is a Kennedy lefty, anti Bush, anti Trump, has Fox News saved to a preset on his car radio. I don’t know anyone on the right who listens or watches much anymore, but the left does…

Speaking of FIL, they’ve got a small chest freezer now and have a few more things stocked… not anywhere near enough for even small interuptions though. JIT at work in the home.

Makes me nervous as heII. Stack some stuff. Seriously.


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