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Sat. Mar. 23, 2019 – hamfest today, so I’m busy

No idea what the weather will be like. It feels so 1899…. I’ll be in the parking lot of the Rosenburg hamfest, all day. I don’t know how I’d recognize you but if you drop by, maybe…. n

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Fri. Mar. 22, 2019 – nothing of note, except the end of the week

Cool and not quite as damp. That’s as precise as I can get until I change the dang batteries in my weather station. It sure got nice yesterday. Forecast is for continued clear, and I really need that for a … Continue reading

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Thur. Mar. 21, 2019 – doom, gloom, doom and gloom

Chilly and damp today, after an absolutely gorgeous afternoon yesterday. Maybe today will come close later on. I am sick with what feels like a cold, mixed with allergies. So I’m on my tried and true regimen of Airbourne and … Continue reading

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Wed. Mar. 20, 2019 – time to make the donuts

Cool and damp. So nice yesterday afternoon. Aside from the smoke and tree pollen, I mean. Well, I didn’t smell any smoke at my house, but the darkened sky and the huge column of black off in the distance was … Continue reading

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Tues. Mar. 19, 2019 -chilly

Chilly out this am. Yesterday got nice in the afternoon, a bit cooler than comfortable, but nice and dry with clear skies and sun. I’m volunteering today at the kids’ school, so I have to get ready. The world continues … Continue reading

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Mon. Mar. 18, 2019 – brain not working this am…

Cool and damp, probably around 54F. Yesterday turned into a beautiful day- sunny with blue sky and just a hint of cool in the air. It sure would be nice to have today be similar. Folks, the Second Amendment isn’t … Continue reading

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Sun. Mar. 17, 2019 – Birthday was this week

54F and damp this am. Intrepid backyard campers are still asleep. My 54th birthday happened this week, marking 53 years on this earth. I always get a bit down near my birthday. Don’t know why. That’s long enough to have … Continue reading

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Sat. Mar. 16, 2019 – life, the universe, and everything

Cool and damp this am. Weather station is stuck on 79F which I know is wrong based on how much the furnace is running. Thank you to all the old white men who invented the stuff that keeps us warm … Continue reading

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Fri. Mar. 15, 2019 – beyond crazy, but not unpredictable

Thermometer says 79F this morning, so I think it’s stuck again. Doesn’t seem likely. Things are getting crazy. Brazil. New Zealand. Mob bosses. People are starting to act. The rules are breaking down. I don’t think this is coincidence but … Continue reading

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Thur. Mar. 14, 2019 – Pi day!

69F, sunny and only 65%RH- beautiful day! Jeez, almost 10am and I’m just getting up. Kids, dog, wife and bladder all let me sleep. I still feel like going back to bed. It was 2 am before I finally got … Continue reading

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