Sun. May 5, 2019 – work to do…

70F and 98%RH this am.  Nice weather to work outside.

And I’ve got stuff stacked up and waiting, having spent too much of the week driving back and forth to auction pickups.

Cukes seem to have established themselves in the side bed.  No sign of the carrots from seed yet, and maybe never.  Blueberries are mostly getting closer to ripe.  If the animals don’t get them I might get a whole cup of berries this year.   Apple trees are still slowly leafing in.  Not very vigorous.  The two mature citrus trees have a black dirt on the leaves that I’m told is  a fungus.  I’ve got to get that addressed soon, and I believe it means no oranges or grapefruits from those trees this year.

I still have to get the rest of the seedlings I bought into the ground.

I picked up an 8ft piece of oak limb to cut up and add to the pile, and a couple of 7 gallon nursery pots to transfer growing trees into.  They were in a junk pile while I had my pickup truck out.  I’d like to get some more tree limbs for the wood pile.

We’re 26 days from the start of the hurricane season.  Gennie needs to be connected.  Soon.

It’s been 3 months since I saw any evidence of rats in the garage or attic.   Time to cleanup and start restocking the food shelves, especially with the continued threat of ebola.  Seriously, you’ll want to hide from this if it comes to America.  How convenient if it waits until November of next year…

I really need to rotate or reassess the condition of the stuff I have stored at my secondary location too.  I mostly just piled it there, and haven’t been at all good about rotating or restocking.  Some of the obvious stuff like UHT milk is done for…

How have you guys been doing?  I heard crickets when I asked last week, which makes me think “too busy to prep”.   I know the feeling.




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Mid 50s, stay at home dad, with two elementary school age girls. Love my family and my life.

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  1. I had to dig up part of the sprinkler system a few weeks ago to modify a zone for the new 4×12 raised bed. I finally filled in the trenches yesterday. Whew…after half an hour of shoveling and raking, I was done, and finished. Getting older sucks.

    The wife has planted tomatoes and beans planted, plus I think something else that I can’t remember offhand. Those are growing nicely. Also planted were some gourds and some flowers that she can cut all summer for the house.

  2. On the tech side, I’m mucking around with my virtual network. I was running hyper-v. We are going to be deploying VMware at work, so I decided to migrate myself as well. I had to move a bunch of vm’s around and do conversions. That all went well. I had everything running on VMware (dc’s and exchange) then I decided to add a raid card to the server. The built in raid on the baby dell is software and only works with windows. VMware just sees the individual drives. I bought an LSI card, for the task.

    I began moving the guests to a different drives. I had to shut them down and move the files in the data store since I’m using the free version – to fancy tools available. Both dc’s moved fine, but something happened to exchange. One drive just vanished. I had the os drive, but not the drive that had exchange and the mailbox store. Sigh. I did export all 3 mailboxes to pst’s before I started, so no data was lost. But what a pain.

    Still working on it today. I think I’m having issues with VMware. I can’t get clients to properly join AD. They say they do, but exchange won’t install. I’ve tried the existing domain and setup new servers with a new domain. Same deal. I seem to remember something from a long time ago about something weird with VMware nics, but I may be wrong.

    I put hyper-v back on my desktop and am trying a setup there. If I have no issues there, I know it’s vmware and will start digging further into it.

  3. My extremely limited and out of date experience had the problems in computer or share names. A leading space that I couldn’t see and didn’t know about stopped me.

    My wife’s new job uses Outlook and Exchange, which is a big change for her. They used to be a lotus Notes shop. She’s trying to re-create some of the stuff that Notes let her do easily that outlook really doesn’t support. Single sources for something as important as mail are bad. When was the last time there was any innovation in the area?
    [probably google with the threaded view, which I personally hate….]

  4. My wife’s new job uses Outlook and Exchange, which is a big change for her. They used to be a lotus Notes shop. She’s trying to re-create some of the stuff that Notes let her do easily that outlook really doesn’t support. Single sources for something as important as mail are bad. When was the last time there was any innovation in the area?

    You don’t get fired for buying Microsoft, Oracle, or Cisco. Notes was good tech, but if IBM dropped them for internal use, fuggedaboudit.

    IBM is really careful about internal use software. The other products they’ve bought but not used internally just wither away.

    Right now, we’re struggling with a Citrix environment imposed on us by management in Austria who were worried about our previous customer support arrangement using SSH tunnels. I’m sure a trip to Fort Lauderdale last winter was involved.

    Hookers and steaks. Any big tech company based in Florida will generally have better salesmen than actual tech. And I grew up there. This is especially true in South Florida, where there wasn’t a shortage of people let go 20 years ago from IBM Boca.

  5. Got the grass cut, lawn bombs picked up, and two potted citrus trees repotted in the new bigger pots. (I don’t know where I want them yet) Got two tomato plants into pots too.

    Still have to get the rest planted, but there will be a short interlude wherein our hero attends a presentation on what the school district will be doing to his children one day a week, when they are ‘pulled out’ for a gifted and talented program.

    Should be interesting.


  6. Prepping wise, not much beyond making a shopping list for the grocery store.

  7. Prepping wise: Wall mounted 3 industrial grade 1st Aid kits supplemented by AR500 trauma kits for each bathroom and the kitchen. They join fire extinguishers in every room doorway. And a FLASHLIGHT near to hand everywhere.

  8. That sounds good, those trauma kits look great. I’d add some bandaids, and since it is for home, some burn dressings/gel, and def several pairs of gloves and a trauma shear. I put a watch and flashlight in there too.

    Do you have a nice selection of OTC drugs organized somewhere? I use a bait folder with one med per sleeve, and the dosage panel from the packaging. Like this one, each sleeve is a ziplok pouch in the ring binder. I’ve got bulk OTC drugs on the shelf as well, but the binder in the big trauma bag is meant to get us by if that’s all we have time to grab.

    I started out with this for the family kit, and added the pure trauma stuff later…

    I built another based on that same bag only blue, with all the otc and wound care stuff in it. The bags complement each other.


  9. i’m going on record that this isn’t what it says it is.

    “Amber Alert is issued for a missing five-year-old girl ‘kidnapped by three men’ in Houston

    Houston girl Maleah Davis, five, was kidnapped around 9pm on Saturday
    Her stepfather said she was taken by three Hispanic men in their 30s
    They were driving a 2010 blue Chevrolet Crew Cab pick-up truck
    She was last seen wearing a pink bow in her hair, a light blue zip jacket and gray/white/pink sneakers
    Police do not know the motive behind the kidnapping
    As of Sunday morning, investigators were interviewing family members”

    “Her stepfather claims that he, his two-year-old son and Maleah were abducted by three Hispanic men in their 30s driving a 2010 blue Chevrolet Crew Cab pick-up truck, according to ABC.

    He says the men assaulted him and he and his son were dropped off in the Sugar Land area, but the abductors kept Maleah and drove off. “

    The story doesn’t make sense.


  10. got the zukes and remaining cukes in the ground. Got a couple of pepper plants in. Ran out of soil though, so another trip to the Home Depot is in order.

    The G&T pullout looks like it has some interesting classes. “Learn to code” using Scratch and some sort of robots and some sort of uP board to make das blinkenlites.

    Physics, earth science, chemistry, biology, archeology/ancient civs, dressed up to make them “more interesting.”

    Beats grinding away in the spanish class.


    added- the physical school is an old POS, with several layers of infrastructure clearly visible. They had to retrofit SPRINKLERS for pete’s sake. I think it’s an old elementary school. The neighborhood is very high end, aging, and doesn’t allow the massive low rise apartments ours does- so no section 8 families to fill the elementary schools…

  11. My prepping this week was enhancing my relationship with the grandkids – including the new ‘grand-twins’. And with the parents of same.

    Prepping for the time that they will need to take care of me…so want to stay on their good side.

  12. Where is DadCooks? His last comment appears to have been Mar 8.

  13. Where is DadCooks? His last comment appears to have been Mar 8.

    @Nick — do you have a valid email address from his postings?

  14. I can look and will… I have noticed he wasn’t here, but it can’t be that long, can it?


  15. He posted on April 16th, which is a while but not as long ago as March.


  16. I pinged his email.

    Sudden radio silence at our age is a concerning thing.


  17. So I got things working, though in true Microsoft fashion, not sure how. I am currently running server 2016 (with AD role) and server 2019 with exchange 2019. Just got the base stuff done. Still a ton to do, it that will be this week. Before I start making 5e confit final, I’m going to bring up another 2019 server and put AD on it and see if I can bring no up the functional level, If that goes ok, then I’ll start inputting mail, get the certificate installed and migrate the windows 10 clients.

  18. Damnation. Caterpillars are back on my grapevines. Yesterday they were fine, today there are ghost leaves. I still have the spray and applied it liberally. I’ll be getting some more when I get to home depot. Frickin’ bugs.


  19. Yesterday’s 737 incident was a flight inbound from Gitmo. That wasn’t the first time the airline had such an incident.

    Wonder how many of the passengers ran torture sessions and other associated hijinx as Booz Allen Hamilton contractors like my former neighbor.

    Maybe my former neighbor was on that flight. After losing a low six figure sum on their house thanks to me, they bugged out to Alabama.

  20. Scanner has a 30yo male, hit in head with blunt object, altered mental state, otherwise stable, waiting for LifeFlight. Cinco de Mayo. hooray.

    No immediate answer from dadcooks.

    I’m headed to bed.


  21. He posted on April 16th, which is a while but not as long ago as March.

    Sorry, I missed that one. And, yes, I do worry when someone just disappears, especially one of the regular posters.

    As an excuse, my Internet has been intermittent, mostly down, since Friday noon. I tried a Google site search, but must have missed it. In frustration, I started going day by day and just searching each daily page as my service would load. Is there a better way? I have tried to search this site in the past, but never found the magic beans.

    And… just got off the phone with Frontier. Good tech (refreshing!) modified some of the gateway (modem) settings, and all seems well so far. Blazing along at 3mb 😉

    G’night all!

  22. Searching through comments is not a strong point of WP, without an add-in to do that.

    Search engines indexing of comments is done, I believe, but not very current, so not reliable.

    There was a way to search through comments here a while back, but it puts a good load on the server, so not enabled for now. I can try to find a comment-searcher plugin to add, if the gang thinks it is needed.

    Won’t happen for a few days, though. Funeral tomorrow for my cousin (dementia coupled with ministrokes did him in), then travel home Tues.

  23. Home automation: Just started experimenting, with an eye to maybe doing something with the new house we plan to build. Geez, this stuff could be easier…

    I want to control everything through OpenHAB, which looks to be a nice piece of OSS software with connectors for all sorts of devices. There is, for example, a “Network” binding for your LAN. The purpose of this is reasonably clever – aside from monitoring the network, it could (just as an example) detect your presence by the fact that your mobile phone is connected to the WLAN, and use that as a trigger to turn on the lights, music, or whatever.

    There is also a Zigbee connector, and this is where things start to go sour. I thought I would be clever and get a WLAN-to-XBee bridge (from Digi), because XBee is kinda-sorta compatible with Zigbee. However, there are multiple variations of the Zigbee protocol. I can get the bridge to talk to an XBee sensor I bought, but I cannot get it to talk to a Zigbee device.

    Meanwhile, I can’t get OpenHAB to talk to the bridge at all. Apparently, the Zigbee binding will only talk to a serial USB stick. I must’ve missed than when I decided what bits and pieces to order.

    tl;dr: I have lots of bits and pieces that won’t talk to each other. There are also more incompatible protocols out there that I deliberately avoided (like the proprietary Z-wave).

    Anyone have experience with home automation solutions? What would you recommend, if you were starting completely from scratch?

  24. Scanner has a 30yo male, hit in head with blunt object, altered mental state, otherwise stable, waiting for LifeFlight. Cinco de Mayo. hooray.

    Ba dum dum da da dum … Tequila!

    Cops must love Cinco de Mayo.

  25. @brad, my only experience with home automation is with Crestron pro gear. They are notoriously proprietary.

    You might look on the control4 forums, or CommandFusion forums. There are a lot of people trying to get various things to work together over there. The specific problems might not be solved, but there might be workarounds or at least a hint where to go.


  26. Anyone have experience with home automation solutions?

    I have automated several lights, garage door, and thermostat. My basic premise is that if the system does not work with Alexa I don’t buy the system. Working with Alexa makes adding devices is easier. In addition the ability to add schedules is much better with Alexa than others. I can also add voice commands to Alexa and with several Echo Dots placed around the house can control everything with my voice.

  27. The only place I’d consider Alexa is in my car. As I drive around, I am thinking of things I could ask alexa to do, if there was some sort of ‘roll your own’ interface or switch controller.

    I’d put a mifi in the car for Alexa and streaming…

    Haven’t really looked at it, since I’ve got projects stacked already.


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