Wed. May 1, 2019 – big day for commies

75F and humid. We did finally get some light sprinkles at the end of the day yesterday. It was gray and threatening most of the afternoon. I never amounted to anything though.

Big day for commies and socialists around the world.   Avoid crowds, eyes open, ear tuned to the news if out and about….

Financial crime class was interesting. It seems that there is a tremendous amount of fraud centered on checks, still. The takeaway was – don’t mail checks by leaving them in your mailbox for later pickup, go to the Post Office and mail them, directly with the counter person if possible. The problem is people raiding the mailboxes, “washing” the checks (altering the payee or amount), and then cashing them.

The most horrifying thing from the Narcotics class was more info about a cultural phenomenon in Houston, linked to a whole style of music- cough syrup in soda or ‘purple drank’. It’s what Trayvon Martin was putting together for his night out. The syrup goes into the drink, usually sprite here, and if it’s not sweet enough, you dissolve candy in it. They had pix of tables set up at a party, looking just like a traditional punch bowl, with rows of sprite, cups, and the syrup. Many communities here think there is nothing wrong with using it, despite it being very addictive. The horrifying part is I have no trouble seeing an older kid handing my daughter a cup at a party and her drinking it. I picture all the social engineering that can be brought to bear, and I’m sure thousands of kids start an addictive narcotics habit just like that.

I also got some intel about what I was hearing on the scanner, and learned more about the “opioid crisis”, and met some of the people in the trenches.

Once again, I recommend takig advantage of any local programs. Local local local.


Also have my lunch meeting today.

But now, roust the family and start the day.