Sun. May 19, 2019 – awake! Moving stiffly.

90F at 9am.  If we’re really in summer, we’ll be starting my ‘rule of tens’ for temperature….  70%RH and sunny, so maybe a nice day, if hot.

I woke up at 7, decided to go back to sleep for an hour, and look what happened.

I loaded several thousand pounds of wood- and metalworking machines on a trailer yesterday.   Some were on pallets, but most were just dragged.  Even moving a couple thousand pounds on a pallet isn’t easy.  I am pretty stiff and sore today.  They’ll go to the auction tomorrow.  After all, how many broken drill presses does one man need?   I have the trailer all week if needed and will be making at least one more trip.  All part of the medium range plan.

Picked up a rainbarrel yesterday.  I’ll add that to the rain capture system some time this week.  That’s another 50 gallons of stored water.

Sprayed the grape vines for caterpillars again.  They have FRUIT!  The bunches look a bit scrawny but I guess we’ll see.

I better get the monsters fed, and get started.  I’m thinking that today will be a ‘fix and repair’ day.  The list is long, and the time is short…