Tues. May 28, 2019 – first week of summer

76F and 96%RH.  Forecast calls for clear to partly cloudy and hot.  Last night was gorgeous.  Gentle breeze, and nicely cool.  New water feature burbling away….

One of the things I got done yesterday was to add the pump and filter to the wife’s water feature in front of the house.   Very pleasant to sit there and listen to the sound of the moving water. Not so pleasant to hear the frog which has already taken up residence hammering away, calling to mates or rivals.

I got one of the chainsaws to start and run briefly.  I’ll be looking at the carb on that one first as I know now that it has a good fuel line, starter, and spark.  One very common failure is that the fuel pickup line rots and falls off in the tank.   That is a finicky fix but simple in concept.  Never thought I’d be doing small engine repair for fun.

Kids are home this week.  We thought a ‘chill’ week would be nice before starting the summer “camps” which babysit them for daylight hours.  With both parents working a whole industry has developed that provides “edutainment” options for daycare during the summer.  Home care to daycare to day camps to intensive supplemental school programs.  Decline of home time and decline of school systems combining to suck money out of parents pockets which makes them work harder and longer….  hmm, almost like it was planned.  Too many people making money off of it for any real change.

And swim team practice every morning for a couple of hours.  Last year they were in the same group.  This year I get to sit there for two groups…

And people need breakfast so I better get going.