Tues. May 21, 2019 – late start, bad phone, bad!

79F and 89%RH, windy and overcast.  Boy it got HOT yesterday.  I was literally sweating gallons.  I think I’m back to balanced as I’m peeing, but dang was it hot.  I even got a bit of a sunburn on back of my neck, and face.  Guess I’m a redneck today.

Late getting the post up today because my phone (which I use for an alarm) had a bunch of settings changed.  When I am soaked in sweat, and the phone is in my pocket moving around, the touchscreen gets activated and eventually the gesture password gets “picked” and the phone unlocks.  After that, all the jiggling navigates through the phone, often getting to settings WAY down in menus.  This phone is a Galaxy 7, but my old Moto did it too.  And this is despite the “don’t turn on in a pocket” setting, and the gesture being sorta complex.

Yesterday my backlight got turned to O, so I should have taken a look at my other settings too.  Didn’t, so I got up half an hour late.  This led to a scramble to get the family out the door on time.  Normally I wake up a little bit before the alarm anyway, but I was up late reading and was exhausted from working out in the sun.

I got some stuff done yesterday, and have more on the list for today…

Better get started.