Fri. May 24, 2019 – finally Friday, or “Oh no, school’s out!”

75F with 97%RH this morning. Got a little overcast and smattering of drops yesterday, with a lot of gusty wind. Today should be similar. Hopefully the weather will hold through the long weekend.

I was dreaming that I had been stuck on the wrong side of town when the “event” came. Walking home. Small group of people, headed the same way, trying to beat the rush. Not really prepared. Somewhere we got camelbak bladders and were filling them when my alarm rang. I think I’m going to throw a camelbak into my car kit. Time to go through and refresh everything too.

For some reason, pistols are cheap right now. I recommend shopping for one if you have the funds… good stuff new for under $300 if you look around. Get some ammo too while you are at it.

AR500 Armor has been running various sales too, including discounts and BOGO on their popular entry level setup. If the trauma system isn’t working you need to avoid getting holes poked in your torso… not really a bad idea even if the system is up!

WIDTWIP [what I did this week in prepping, I think, as I couldn’t remember the exact words when I came back to the post.  No universal acronym for the idea…]   to follow in comments, after breakfast. Now I’ve got to get the kids off to school for the last time this spring. Summer is truly here.