Sat. May 11, 2019 – rain?

Probably cool-ish and saturated.  [68F and 99%RH]  But I’m posting early because I’ve got a full day.

Non-prepping hobby today, sportsball games and swim practice with the girls, an auction pickup, and a variety of other stuff to do.

Not to mention the yard/garden/home work I need to do.

All this while under the threat of catastrophic rain.  [weatherunderground has the rain  coming after noon]  When I had dinner, the sky was clear.  When I went to bed all the sky was starting to fill in with clouds.   The creeks and bayous were back in their banks on the outflow side of the city, but in the area northwest, they were full or out of their banks.  That water will be passing thru the city today, with any new rain added to it.  Our big holding tank, Addicks Reservoir, continues to rise.  It’s doing its job of holding water that would otherwise flood the city, but if you live in its shadow, you get nervous.

Hopefully we’re not getting clobbered today.

I’ll edit this if we are… [not clobbering time at the moment]