Sat. May 25, 2019 – “nuttin’ to do Abe…”

75F and saturated this am… yesterday was hot and so humid you could cut the air with a knife. All the weather I looked at shows clear for today with no precipitation.

The title comes from a video game, and is my silly reference to our family calendar which is completely blank today. I don’t recall a similar blank day in months. Of course, I have plenty to do that isn’t on the calendar.

If you don’t normally fly an American flag, take a few minutes to get one out (or purchase one) and show your support for the dead this weekend. The people who sent them into harms way may have been corrupt time serving freaks, or might have saved life as we know it, but the men and women who made the sacrifice deserve to be honored in their own right. You’ve got a couple of days, find the time. Ritual is important. Public displays of our values are important. For the survivors, seeing the support is important. For our enemies, seeing the support is important.

Take some time this long weekend to fix something. Fight back against the entropy of the universe by putting a little energy into some local re-ordering. Fix a relationship- make the phone call. Clean, organize, repair, paint, BUILD. Plant a seed, even just metaphorically.

Do not go gently into that dark night….