Sun. May 5, 2019 – work to do…

70F and 98%RH this am.  Nice weather to work outside.

And I’ve got stuff stacked up and waiting, having spent too much of the week driving back and forth to auction pickups.

Cukes seem to have established themselves in the side bed.  No sign of the carrots from seed yet, and maybe never.  Blueberries are mostly getting closer to ripe.  If the animals don’t get them I might get a whole cup of berries this year.   Apple trees are still slowly leafing in.  Not very vigorous.  The two mature citrus trees have a black dirt on the leaves that I’m told is  a fungus.  I’ve got to get that addressed soon, and I believe it means no oranges or grapefruits from those trees this year.

I still have to get the rest of the seedlings I bought into the ground.

I picked up an 8ft piece of oak limb to cut up and add to the pile, and a couple of 7 gallon nursery pots to transfer growing trees into.  They were in a junk pile while I had my pickup truck out.  I’d like to get some more tree limbs for the wood pile.

We’re 26 days from the start of the hurricane season.  Gennie needs to be connected.  Soon.

It’s been 3 months since I saw any evidence of rats in the garage or attic.   Time to cleanup and start restocking the food shelves, especially with the continued threat of ebola.  Seriously, you’ll want to hide from this if it comes to America.  How convenient if it waits until November of next year…

I really need to rotate or reassess the condition of the stuff I have stored at my secondary location too.  I mostly just piled it there, and haven’t been at all good about rotating or restocking.  Some of the obvious stuff like UHT milk is done for…

How have you guys been doing?  I heard crickets when I asked last week, which makes me think “too busy to prep”.   I know the feeling.