Sun. May 26, 2019 – more stuff to do

75F and 95%RH.  Yesterday was sunny, hot, and humid.  There was a very nice windy breeze most of the day that made it very tolerable in the shade.  Today should be similar.  Last night was beautiful, just like a Chicago summer night when I was growing up.

Paypal tells me I just sent my annual membership payment to TWiT.  It’s only $20 and I must have decided to continue last year, but I cancelled future payments.  Leo Laporte was doing good work, but it’s been years since I watched him or any of the spinoff shows.   I had previously cancelled my subscription to Jerry’s site, after one last one went through.

I made good progress on a number of small jobs yesterday and hope to continue making progress today.  I did figure out why you’d make your toilet seat bolt holder unique.   It seems that while I wasn’t paying attention, toilet seat makers decided that making a quick release attachment system would help them.  They call it “easy clean”.   All you have to do when the seat attachment area gets so nasty you need to remove it to clean it, is use your fingers and nails to pry up a flap and then pull the seat loose from the bolt holder.  Your fingers.  Nasty.  Anyway, I couldn’t find the part so I’ll fake it with washers which is what I should have done from the start.

The new IR emitter does a great job on the driveway.  What was a mostly black recording all night is now clearly visible.  I did notice that some of the individual LEDs are already failing.  Even mid range gear is made in China crap.  Hopefully I can find and install my big Bosch emitter for the back yard.  It’s gone missing in my office….

Well I better get moving.  Sitting here isn’t going to get anything done.