Mon. May 13, 2019 – sore and stiff

58F and saturated.

Openweathermap has us clear until late.  FEMA has us right on the edge of some bad weather.  One way look at FEMA’s poor record with weather prediction this year is that whenever we were marginal or right on the edge, it didn’t happen.  I guess we’ll see.

I am sore and stiff today.  It’s a pretty good wake up call that I really need to get more exercise and more regularly.  I better start with some stretching.  I keep meaning to start, but there is always a reason to delay.

I woke my 8yo and she said “Morning already?  I can’t do this every day.”  That’s how I’m feeling too.

Scanner has someone running surveillance this morning, watching a van and people coming and going.  Crime never sleeps.

Prayers for Ray this morning, and looking forward to hearing about his successful result…