Thur. May 23, 2019 – it’s getting weird out there

79F and 91%RH. Yesterday was partly cloudy with a smattering of drops. Another win for It seems to be good for my area at least.

There are so many things going on that it’s hard to even chronicle them.

People are getting weird though. According to my gun store friends, they are getting more ‘determined’ people, who they might not have seen before, who know what they want and are intent on getting it. Ammo seems very popular too, and they are ordering extra to cover the demand (in bulk packaging too.)

I’ve seen two guys in my neighborhood out walking or jogging (clearly exercising) while wearing extra gear. One guy was wearing his plate carrier (and was with his female companion) and the other was wearing a rucksack in OD green. They are clearly doing extra conditioning (as several online forums suggest.) Usually our joggers are wearing 3 ounces of lightweight fabric and a sheen of sweat…

Several new gun ranges have opened on my side of town.

Mountain House is back in the Costco here. New variety pack, marketed as “Adventure Food.” I buy the multipacks when I have space in the budget and the cart. I add instant drinks, desserts, and more instant oatmeal to each box, then stack them. It’s coming up on hurricane season so it makes sense to stock it to Costco.

Costco also has inverter gennies on big discounts here. Over $100 off.

I better get cooking breakfast, more later….