Sun. May 12, 2019 – Mother’s Day, in the US anyway…

68F and slightly less than saturated.  Forecast is for sunny and clear.

Woke up dreaming about joining some sort of Rothschild bank, as some sort of volunteer guard/depositor/social club.  Like I said, weird.

Today we honor our mothers for doing their job.  Which is both silly and profound.  Without mothers, fathers, FAMILY the culture and people don’t survive.  Naturally, those who hate the culture attack the family, and for a large part they are succeeding in destroying a culture that brought the largest increase in wealth for the largest number of people in history.  It’s time for the pendulum to swing back.  Do your part, wherever you can.

For those out there who have had very negative mother/family experiences, and I know there are some extraordinary examples in the readership here, you are exceptionally resilient and tough to have made it through that.  It’s a testament to the tenacity of humans that even though we seem to be designed to require a long period of supervised and supported development, some of us can do just fine without it.

I hope that the younger couples who used to lurk here and send email to Robert are still stopping by occasionally, and read my sincere best wishes for all the Moms who are working hard to bring the next generation along, and for all the Moms who raised our generation, and the ones that came before.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day.