Fri. May 17, 2019 – another week gone

67F and saturated.  Yesterday was beautiful but a tad damp.  Nice breeze for the last softball game of the season- we ended up second overall.  Volleyball should end soon, but swim is just getting started.

This week was a bit slow for preps as my main effort continues to be selling off excess stuff.  I did pick up some more pieces for a permanent solar install, and I had another chat with a guy who installs solar for a living (another dad at our pool).  Meatspace baby!

The garden is doing well.  The cukes and zukes seem to be growing and are still alive and flowering.  The apple trees are flowering, and the peach is leafed in.  The old pepper plants are still producing.  I think I got the caterpillars on the grapes before they did too much damage.  The blueberries have yielded a handful with more set to ripen soon.   Lots of tiny fruit growing on the lemon and lime.  There is at least one green tomato so far.

I added the one bucket of bulk that I described this week, and some cans.  More to come.

I found a dead rat in the garage, on a sticky pad, so they are still plaguing me.  Time to refresh the poison and reset traps.  I have to get that taken care of.

Ebay continues to be slow.  The local auction is selling but not for huge prices.  Next week I’m moving a bunch of bigger items to them.  We’ll see how they do.  If nothing else it will give me room to clean up some stuff and work on other things.

Some ammo might have come my way… and some parts.  Lots still  to do in that regard though.


So what have you done this week to increase your readiness?  It’s FEMA’s Preparathon time, so you have natgov backing for your efforts….