Sat. May 18, 2019 – stuff to do…

Already 79F and 90%RH. Yesterday was another beautiful spring day, may we have many more.

Almost all my work and activity is outside today. Looks a bit threatening out though. NOAA has us on the edge of a system, with T storms and high winds. Openweathermap has misty drizzle during the day with partial inch overnight. We’ll see who’s right in the morning.

I think daughter 1 wraps up volleyball today. School PTA talent show was last night. Some of the kids really do have talent. I saw some of my science kids in a totally different light too. All schools have volunteer programs. Get out and do something, you’ll learn a lot about your community and might help someone.

Bought another chainsaw yesterday. That means I’ve got 3 that need work to run… couldn’t pass up a Stihl for $10 no matter what the condition. I really need a half day spent on small engine maintenance sometime soon.

14 days to the start of hurricane season. Start going thru your stuff.