Day: July 23, 2022

Sat. Jul. 23, 2022 – in the park, I think it was the ….

Hot eventually, but much cooler up here than in Houston.   Only 77F when I went to bed, and everything covered with dew.  Still gonna get hot later, I’m pretty sure.

Funny old weather liars, said no rain yesterday and yet I got soaked near Hobby Airport in the afternoon yesterday.   Nothing at home though.   P!ssing down in South Houston.   I made my pickup anyway, mostly building supplies.  Plumbing and electrical odds and ends with some romex and spools of wire.  And three spools of pex.  Now if I could just find some buckets of Sharkbite(tm) fittings and some liquidtight conduit….

I should have bid more for the sharkbite fittings in an auction last month.

Of course last month they were a “would be nice to have” and this month they are a “jeez those things are expensive but I have to fix this leak” thing.   If you think you might need it, buy it when you see it.

And I think that I’ve put off pulling the toilets about as long as I can, so that is on the list for today.  Find out what’s wrong with the flanges, solve it if possible, and see what’s needed to get a sink back in the hall bath.   I might have to venture into town later.

I don’t like doing plumbing.   I much prefer carpentry and electrical.  But ‘needs must’ and all that…

Stacking up the skillz…  hot skillz.



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