Day: July 21, 2022

Thur. Jul. 21, 2022 – nope, nothing to see.

Hot and humid.   For a while yet too.  Because “summer in Houston’.   The rest of you might have some reason to complain with your unseasonably warm temps, but not us.  Not really.  Hot yesterday, hot today, hot tamale’.

Spent most of yesterday doing other things.  Did pickup some stuff.  Did get the girls from their day camp leadership thing…

Today I’ve got more of the same, and some prep to do to head back to the BOL for another weekend.

Interesting that the Brits are changing their leadership, and now Italy looks about ready to change theirs.   We certainly wouldn’t mind changing ours.   Germany came pretty close to it in the last month or so too, didn’t they?  No coalition at the moment if I understand it.   Sri Lanka and soon Pakistan and maybe the Philippines too….

Sometimes, everything changes.

Stack up some insurance against the upheaval and uncertainty.


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