Day: July 3, 2022

Sun. Jul. 3, 2022 – countdown to the noise…

Yeah, probably hot, and humid.   Got pretty hot yesterday in the sun.  Not horrible in the shade though, and ok when the breeze was coming off the lake.

I got a couple of projects off the list.  Took longer than I’d’ve liked but they always do.   Wife got some painting done, and the kids leveled up in Zelda.  Probably.

Then we spent some time in the water, and after dinner we set up the projector and screen on the dock and watched “Last Action Hero”.   What a fun movie.  Kids laughed through it.  I probably saw it in the theater, and if not, as soon as it hit the rental store.  It’s been a while but it held up.  Great cameos.

Today is more of the same.   Projects.  Paint.   Some relaxing, and some socializing.   Hopefully no one will be LifeFlighted today.

Stack up some community.   In the long run, it will brobably be your ‘make or break.’



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