Day: July 15, 2022

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022 – another week gone, 4 weeks ’til school starts…

Hot, but less so, humid like a fat guy’s butt crack.  Yeah, I went there.   Apparently the local pharma-purveyors are hiding crack in their cracks… so that’s where my brain went.  According to the scanner anyway.

We did get some rain yesterday.  Cats and dogs for a short while at home, but not 2 miles away.  Only a sprinkle there.  Some places didn’t get any.  I’m hoping for sunny and drier today.

I’ve got a bunch of pickups to do, if I do them. And a shopping list of stuff to take to the lake.  I’ve got a pile of stuff already, and most of my pickups are headed that way too.   PLUS I’ve got to leave room for a passenger, as I’m taking D1 with me.  D2 is getting her chance to learn small boat sailing this weekend and mom is going with her.  Since I’ll have a child with me, I will have to make a better menu plan than usual.

Sadly my latest referral for a guy to do the foundation work decided that the project was too big for him.   That puts me back where  I was.   I am going to start pulling stuff off the schedule and doing it myself or finding someone locally to do it.    Just looking at conduit for the new underground electrical service, and materials will be $750 or more, plus the trencher.   The electrician and mounting stuff will be more than that…  If I can move things along at this point, I think I have to.


Meanwhile, I can run pex to everywhere it’s needed.  Through the attic.   In July.  ‘Cuz that’s fun.


I’ll be stacking up a whole lotta knowledge and experience on this one.

Figure out what you’ll need and start stacking it.


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