Day: July 19, 2022

Tues. Jul. 19, 2022 – working today, and picking up kids…

Hot and humid.  Of course.  And again.   It was still 85F when I went to bed, and that hot when the day started.  It’ll probably be higher than 105F today just to spite me.  But I’ll deal.

Spent most of the day yesterday catching up on stuff online.   Still a couple of small chest freezers in the auctions.   If I had someplace ready for it, I’d get another.   Or two.

Picked up the kid, and a friend.  Had a long conversation with her mom when she came to retrieve the extra… she’s a teacher and we talked about school security issues.   She wants guns in classrooms and schools.  She can’t believe what happened in Uvalde.  I’m pretty sure she’d carry if she could.

I’ve got to get out of the house today, and get some stuff done before picking up the kid again.   We’ll see how it goes, of course.

And there is plenty to do around the house if it comes to that.

Stack stuff up.   And do it with more organization than I did….


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