Day: July 10, 2022

Sun. Jul. 10, 2022 – well, it certainly was hot

And will probably be hot again today.   101F in the shade meant “no outdoor work for me”.   If it takes a while to get there today, I can maybe get the grass cut before the universe tries to boil my brains in my skull….

Did my pickups yesterday.   Learned that a new auction company is not trustworthy.  It only cost me about $20 and an hour of my life, so it was a cheap lesson.   The items were not broken in the pictures, nor were they described as broken.  Never the less, they were broken.  Liars. They seemed ashamed but still insisted I take the item.  I’ll fix it by using parts from another, but it’s a project, a small project, and I don’t need any more projects.

On the other hand, one of the guys at my hobby meeting gave me the name of another foundation repair guy who might be able to help me at the BOL.   I’ll call him on Monday and try to get something set up.  I also watched a bunch of videos last night, and now I want to be sure an engineer is involved in the hill retaining design.   Past experiences and guidance from solution providers can probably provide a workable solution, but having an engineer look at it can’t hurt.   We are looking for a 50 year or more solution to the problem.  And I’ve got a better idea of the failure modes of retaining walls than I had.

Two steps forward, one and a half steps back.

It’s always something.

So, now I’m stacking up knowledge.  As my own infrastructure provider, I guess I better.

Stack something, lots of it.


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