Day: July 7, 2022

Thur. Jul. 7, 2022 – getting my fangs cleaned today…

Hot and humid.  No surprises there.   It did rain in various parts of town yesterday.   I got hit with quick showers in a couple of different places while I was out and about.  I’m thinking more of the same today.

I really didn’t get as much done as I needed to yesterday.  I fell down a rabbit hole looking for more info on catching crawdads/crayfish/mudbugs and learned a lot.   I’ll make a couple of cheap traps and see if I get anything next time I head up to the lake.  I also watched a few foraging videos that were focused on Texas.  I did get some pickups done, and got a couple of things in auctions yesterday evening, that I’ll pick up today or tomorrow.

Besides auction stuff, I’ve got an appointment with the dentist today, along with the rest of the family.   Gotta get the fangs polished… and keep the tradition alive.  I’m hoping I don’t have any issues, but I’ve had some sensitive teeth lately.  Might have some imaging done this visit to be sure there isn’t a problem lurking.

The propane conversion kit for the Honda gennie is supposed to arrive today too.   Along with getting that installed,  I’ve got a bunch of stuff to do here, including my non-prepping hobby meeting on Saturday, so I probably won’t go to the BOL this weekend.   Making that decision early helps me plan out stuff I won’t get done later.  🙂

I also didn’t get my Costco run in yet, although I did get gas.  Costco 87 octane was $4.09.   All the other stations were advertising $4.29, .39, and even .49.   And while that is a nice discount from last week, I’d still prefer $2/gal.

Speaking of Costco and groceries, I took a little time this last trip to the BOL and stopped at the HEB grocery nearest to the house.   It was small, kinda unkempt, but had about the same selection as my neighborhood store, albeit fewer of  everything.  Prices were the same too, as far as I could tell.   What was different, they had a lot more hispanic food on the “normal” shelves (ie, not just in the “ethnic” aisle) and more #10 cans on the shelves.   There were even a few things my store doesn’t carry that looked interesting.    The meat cooler was horrible though.  Very limited choices, and very low quality meat.  There is a specialist butcher shop in town, and one on the way, so there are other places to get meat, but it’s looking like a trend, at least at HEB.  Smaller cuts, and lower quality, with drastically reduced selection.

We are definitely well into the “if you see it, you need to buy it” phase of the decline.   Buy it and stack it up.  You may not see it again for a while.


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