Day: July 6, 2022

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022 – home and busy

Hot and humid in Houston, as it should be.   Keeps the weak-willed away.  And boils your brains in your skull…  hats, very important down here.   It was 109F in the sun at my home weather station when I got back at about 530pm.  It cooled down pretty quickly after that, but it was still pretty dang hot at 83F when I went to bed.  And today should be similar.

Started the day at the lake, wrapped up the stuff I had in process, and headed home.  Wife and kids were still laying flooring when I left.   They didn’t quite get the bedroom done.    Progress is being made, just not on the big structural things.

So today I’ll be catching up.  I’ve got a bunch of pickups I put off when I had the koof.  I’ve got home stuff that needs doin’.   And I’ve got business stuff to arrange too.  Seems like twice as much work is waiting after a vacation than before.

Oh well.  If I wasn’t already busy, I’d invent some more stuff to do.

And I need a Costco run.  Several of my staple items are on sale this period, and I’m running lower than I’d like, so I need to restock.

I’ll probably get another bag of rice, or flour, or salt…  and some canned goods.   Gotta stack.

Kids like to eat, and so do I.   So I’m stacking food.   I need to look at tires and oil changes too, and a brake job.  And I have a dentist appointment coming up.   Gotta get me into the body shop as well as the vehicles…

Use the time wisely.  Or foolishly.  But use it.  Don’t just let it slip by.   (stack stuff)


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