Day: July 9, 2022

Sat. Jul. 9, 2022 – non-prepping hobby day

Hot and humid, overcast?  If so it will help.   Yesterday was overcast for most of the day and temps stayed right around 100F at the Casa…   Today I think will be hotter than that, if only because I need to do outdoor work later in the day.

Did some pickups yesterday.  Scored some needful things for about 1/5 of what they normally go for.  IDK why this particular lot went cheap, but I’ll take it.   Chatted for a while with a couple of my auctioneers’ staff members.   Lotta commie crud going around, but fortunately it’s not as deadly or debilitating as it was in the early days.  Some of my neighbors on my street have it too, but so far aren’t too bad off.  People are nervous as heII about getting really sick if they have any symptoms at all though.

I’ve got my hobby meeting in the morning, and a couple of afternoon pickups, and I’ve got to check a detail on an item listed on ebay, so a trip to my storage unit and a dig through the stock is called for.

Later in the day I’ve got the grass to mow, and some other outdoor stuff to take care of.  Maybe I’ll get the generator propane conversion kit installed and tested.   It finally arrived yesterday.   The gas tank arrived a day or so ago.   I thought I would get them in the other order.   Vagaries of the post I guess.

I’ve really got to get a Costco run in too.   Every day I think I’ll have time, and the day vanishes like mist in the morning.

I cleared a path to one of the freezers I haven’t looked in in a while, and it has more room left in it than I thought.  That’s good news the next time meat goes on sale.  I’m still looking for another freezer.  Chest freezers in the stores are double what they were at the beginning of 2020 and I’d like to save a bit off retail.   Leaves more money for food don’tcha know.  Even in the auctions and estate sales the prices are high so I’m biding my time.  Something will come my way.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and find room for all your huge stacks….




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