Day: July 14, 2022

Thur. Jul. 14, 2022 – another day, another dollar, or a whole lotta days, a whole lotta dollars…

Hot, humid, but maybe, just maybe a bit less than so far this week.  It would be nice to get a break.   We did get a bit of one yesterday in that it was overcast for much of the day and that helped keep the heat down, at least in my neighborhood.

I did some computer stuff, then went out and did some grocery shopping.  I put my observations about this Costco trip in yesterday’s comments, later in the day.   TL:DR is that things are still disrupted, and will be for some time, but there is a chance to get ready, as things are still available.

My auctions are full of preps.  This week there were chest freezers in one, a dozen generators in another, sometimes there is food, usually tools, or garden equipment, and lately there has been a lot of building material.  There are solar panels, batteries, shelving, can organizers, openers for #10 cans, kitchen equipment, fishing and hunting gear, gubs, ammo, radios, scanners, clothing, traps, and all kinds of good stuff.

If you can’t find it in the store, or you can’t afford the store prices, and you don’t mind a little work or compromise, check out the online auctions, estate sales, yard sales, and peer to peer selling platforms.

You need it, and someone is selling it.

Find it and stack it up.


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