Day: July 28, 2022

Thur. Jul. 28, 2022 – whooosh. that’s the sound of this week flying by…

Hot, but maybe a little bit less so?    The front that moved through dropped temps a little around sunset.  Maybe today will be slightly cooler?  Certainly still humid.

Did a bunch of pickups.  It was a pretty big circle of driving.   The cost of the gas and tolls definitely needs to be figured against the cost savings in the auction.   Sometimes it’s cheaper to have them ship me something than to take the time and gas to drive and get it.   I try to combine trips, and the sellers tend to clump in certain areas, so I can often hit a couple pickups near each other.  Today I might be driving for single items though.

I really didn’t even bid on much in last nights auctions, and thousands of lots closed in a couple of hours.   I may be reaching saturation on a few categories.  That would be something.

Today we have more basketball camp, a pickup or two, close in, and maybe a visit to my gubstore buddy.  I haven’t gone by his place in weeks.  I need to touch base.

I also need to finish my BOL floorplan and 3D model so I can save the foundation guy from having to measure it all himself.  I got about three quarters done and ran out of time, and had to move on to something else.  Now I have to revisit it and finish.  My whole life is kinda like that.

Today my mind is blank, no value added thoughts.  All I can do is tell you to keep plugging away.

And stack.  Always stack.


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