Day: July 27, 2022

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022 – no love for the classics?

Humid, and hot.   Still and again.   Yesterday did get into the 100s, at least in the sun.   And we had sun here, all day, in between some threatening clouds, but we never did get rain.

I did my chauffeur duties.  And did some auction stuff.   Did some cleaning in my office too.   So much more to do…

Didn’t win the solar panels.   There will be others at some point, and these went for about double what I wanted to pay without seeing them in person.  There weren’t a lot of bidders, but it only takes two who want the lot to run up the price.

I spent some time on the phone and emailing to see if there was a way to move my septic install along, and I got lucky.   I might have found a company to do the foundation and retaining walls, and their technology doesn’t require a bunch of heavy machinery or digging.   That helps me sequence the work and maybe get the septic in first.  I’ll also probably be responsible for more of the site prep and demo but that is the breaks.  I wasn’t finding anyone else to do it anyway.

Speaking of infrastructure.  I do need to get at least a UPS up there for the freezers, and it would be nice to move a battery and the charge controller for the portable solar panels too.  I’ve got to get some networking and a cam or two running too, even without an internet connection.   I’ll only work on that if I hit roadblocks with the more important work though.

For today though, I’ve got kid duties, some auction pickups, and more work to do on my site plan and model of the house and lot.  I might have cleaned all of my office that will be cleaned this time… there just isn’t enough time.

So stack up some labor saving devices, and some skillz to use them.   And make the most of your time.



(and no one commented that I worked TWO classic poems into my post?  Uncouth.)

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