Day: July 1, 2022

Fri. Jul. 1, 2022 – meh, still not feeling great

Hot and humid here in Houston, although it was cooler all day  than it has been the rest of the week.   High in the 80s, and overcast all day had me cutting the grass at 5pm without breaking a sweat.  Today should be similar.

Spent yesterday not getting stuff done.  I got some stuff done.  Cleaned up some stuff around the house, put some shelves in the attic and moved stuff up there.  Sorted some other stuff.  Added to the pile of stuff going to the BOL this weekend.

And today I’ll add more stuff to the pile.  And I’ll load stuff in my truck, because I’m headed up there later.  Taking D1 with me too and gonna get at least 2 pickups done on the way.   Wife to follow later with D2.

We’ll do some work and some play.   The local celebrations are focused around our place, so we should meet whichever neighbors we haven’t met yet… yea meatspace!  Should be a good time.

Taking more preps up with me, some additional medical, some food, and some other PPEs and general supplies.  Takes a bunch of stuff to equip a new place.

I’m STACKING!   You should too.  Hard times coming…


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