Day: July 17, 2022

Sun. Jul. 17, 2022 – still at lake, still beautiful

The water is warmer than the air… and the air got pretty hot.  I think we were well into the 90s, but I was working on the sprinklers during the hottest part of the day and didn’t check.  Nice breeze though.   Today should be the same.

I got some stuff done.  I found a bunch of sprinkler heads, a couple of valves, and some broken pipes.  I unloaded the truck and got both freezers going.  Both had very minor dents on a bottom corner, and both work fine so far.

Today I’ve got a couple of things I’d really like to get done.   I’ve got a handrail for the dock steps to install.   I’ve got a toilet tank flush valve to fit/alter/install as it runs for a few seconds every hour.  I’ve got to check my crawdad traps.  I checked them about 2 hours after putting them in, and one had a fish… no bugs though.

The lake mussels are edible if not super tasty.

Brats are better.

Some other small things to do, then head back to Houston in the evening.

Wife and D2 are having fun and getting a workout learning to sail.

Saw one shooting star last night.  Moon is coming up very late so we had a nice dark sky.  Shortwave wasn’t booming in, but there were a lot of stations on the air.

Had a nice chat with a neighbor.  Unfortunately a young adult broke his neck diving off the HOA dock next to my property the day after we were up here last time.   EMS response is two of the neighbors until the red bus can get here.   It took 25 minutes.   By then my neighbors had him out of the water, on a backboard, and stable.   Not a neighborhood kid.  Tresspassing in fact, as the dock and boat ramp are clearly marked for residents only.

It does demonstrate that we’re pretty far from help if you need more than our Volunteer Fire Department and one local nurse can do.  I told her that if I’m here there is an AED in my truck and a bleeding control kit.  I’ve got to build another trauma bag for up here though.  That just moved up the list.  We missed the accident by one day.

Stack some stuff.  Then stack some more stuff.  Then start making more stacks in different places.


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