Day: July 16, 2022

Sat. Jul. 16, 2022 – at lake, plumbing on my mind

Cooler than Houston, but still gonna get hot.   They must have had some rain up here, there is water in the birdbath…  I found the one T storm cell in Houston yesterday.  It was over La Porte.   It hammered them just before I got there to do a pickup.   Lucky for me, it was leaving just as I got there.   I only got gentle rain after being pounded for 15 minutes.

I got home, finished loading up the truck, kicked kid into shape, and headed up, only 2 hours later than I’d hoped.

I’ve got stuff to do today, so we’ll see what actually gets done.   I think it will depend on the heat of the day.

One task, get the freezers installed and cooling down.  That means unloading the truck.   I better get to it.


Stack some things that you need to stack some other things.


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