Thur. June 25, 2020 – here I sit…

Hmm, warmer?  Humid.  Really humid.  Wet even.

Yesterday did warm up but didn’t get scorching hot.  The sun never really came out for most of town.  Parts got hammered by rain- I could see the cell dumping on the north side when I was out running errands.  Only spatters here at home though.


Turns out I won’t be buying a new Lexus for the Orthodontist this fall.  The doc said to wait for a while longer before Daughter 1 needs braces on her teeth.  That is a relief for us all.  My wife took her and was impressed with the lengths the orthodontics office went to to prevent infection.

Speaking of, we won’t be going to swim team practice today.  We’ve decided to pull back a bit.  One kid with headache and sore throat, the other with ‘itching’ throat, and everyone seems to have forgotten to even try to distance themselves.   We’re going to be prudent, cautious, and considerate.  I think having a family we know all come down with wuflu has ratcheted up my wife’s concern level dramatically.  She’s quoting local hospitalization rates and available ICU beds to ME….

I have other stuff to do.  With the 4th of July coming, my client wants all his stuff working, and the new stuff all installed.  He’s even got my conduit trenched in.  I thought waiting for that to happen would buy me a lot of time.  So today I have to get up in the attic and pull some cables.  I’m hoping for rain and lower temps out in the country.  Then tomorrow I’ll finish up the install and commissioning of the new stuff.  That’s the plan anyway.  It does mean I’ll be entering the Costco to buy a new TV for him.  He’s tired of waiting for the service guy to make a decision and proceed with the replacement.  When Concierge services does get around to it, we’ll have a hot spare for the next dead tv.

I’m debating whether to do my Costco shopping or not since I’m in the store.  Big difference in my mind between entering, grabbing a TV and exiting, and spending an hour shopping.   I’m leaning toward instacart.  Costco is back to discounts on a bunch of my normal purchases this month, so I’m definitely either ordering or shopping.   I was also thinking about hitting the HEB in person.  There are some items I buy that aren’t listed on the Instacart app, that I’d like to restock.  But again, if we’re pulling back, this is not the time to be returning to the stores.

Am I being consistent or stubborn?  Consistent or unwilling to adapt to changing conditions?  I know which I think is true.

Dinner was mostly leftovers with a bit of rice added, and cookies from mix for dessert.  Mix was BB 2020, so right on time, half a decade early by my usually standards.

I got a brief update from Frances regarding Barbara.  She’s doing better, sitting up, talking, had some of the medical stuff removed, she’s even being funny, but no timeline for her return home has yet been discussed.  They are continuing to test and check for other issues, but it sounds like she’s responding well to the current treatment plan.  Let’s hope that continues.

It’s important to remember that the people driving the BLM movement, Antifa, and the other grab bag of protesters and rioters are still out there doing their thing, or getting ready for their next thing.  Even in Madison WI, one of the most progressive places I’ve ever been, and also a tiny little place on the edge of nowhere, they’re pulling down statues and pummeling state senators.

If anyone here has a credible scenario for how we get back to “normal” by Christmas, feel free to share in comments.  I can not think of what would need to happen for that to work out.   I can think of LOTS of ways things are worse then than now.  So, unless you can do the math, and show your work for how this all ends before the end of the year, it behooves you to make some preparations.

This stuff has a life of its own now, and it won’t want to die.

Keep thinking.  Keep prepping.  Keep stacking.


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  1. hcombs says:

    Digital documents aren’t ‘documents’. They are too changeable, they do not lock something down in time. Neal Stephenson actually addressed this years ago in an essay.

    True unless they are hashed and encrypted with asymmetric encryption. I addressed this in the 90s for a firm selling digital futures. We used asymmetric encryption to produce verifiable source and encrypted hash to produce tamper-proof data. This was for a Toronto based start-up. Too bad the company went belly-up spending millions on a Tempest quality computer facility. But I did learn a lot about securing digital data working on that project.

  2. ITGuy1998 says:

    Speaking of Song of the South….

    Supposedly, that has been in the works for a while, but I’m not buying it.

    I’d say Disney knew they would get pressure to change the ride someday, and likely came up with the contingency plan a while ago. Ignoring the “issue” until it was forced on them just let them not spend the money until they had to, since they were spending a good chunk on other projects before wuflu hit.

  3. lynn says:

    Two items on my bucket list are visiting Mt. Rushmore and watching a manned space launch. Looks like I may have to visit Mt. Rushmore soon. No telling when somebody is going to dynamite it now.

    Mt. Rushmore isn’t going anywhere. The visitor center presentation may change to present a more “balanced” view of the monument, but the sculpture will remain.

    Why the h*ll else would anyone go to S. Dakota?

    To look for gold ?

  4. lynn says:

    Wait, where did this thumbs up thing come from ?

  5. lynn says:

    Around here if you don’t have a conflicting appraisal in hand from a licensed appraiser then your valuation appeal is usually rejected. Most people don’t want to pay for an appraisal on the hopes their appeal is successful so they let the county assessor stick it to them.

    I guess it’s a two edged sword. Everyone wants their property to appreciate in value but nobody wants their property tax valuation to increase. It’s hard to have one without the other. Especially if a “similar” nearby property just recently sold and the list of comparables they’re using jumps in value.

    I would have been totally happy if they split the difference with me. But the board decided to go totally to my suggested value which is ok with me. I pay a LOT of property taxes and every little bit helps. Note that I did not contest the value on the five acres of land that has all of the road frontage on it.

    I also wonder if the board was told be generous due to the SARS-COV-2 thing causing property values to drop like a rock. Lots of small businesses (all three of mine !) are hurting due to the oil and gas drop and the SARS-COV-2 doubled down on that.

  6. Rick Hellewell says:


    Wait, where did this thumbs up thing come from ?

    That’s what happens when an admin gets bored. It’s an experiment. Will go away if people complain. Wanted to see if anyone was paying attention.

    Only allows one vote per person/cookie. Can be one vote/IP address.

  7. lynn says:

    “For the first time, the majority of people under 16 in America are nonwhite and Hispanic”

    “The Census Bureau has released its latest population estimates, which include data from 2019. And on the whole, it shows an aging white America and an increasingly diverse United States.”

    “Here are some general insights:”

    ” Our nation is getting bigger: The total population hovered around 329 million in 2019, up from around 308 million in 2010.”

    The last person that I hired is half Hispanic, half white. He is a great guy and works hard for me as a salesperson. I have really enjoyed having him help me out. If he is a good example of the new population (he is 24) then we are ok.

    Hat tip to:

  8. Greg Norton says:

    “Why the h*ll else would anyone go to S. Dakota?”

    To look for gold ?

    Don’t laugh. Being featured in a Hollywood film is a huge argument for preservation.

    About 20 years ago, when the cross on Mount Davidson in San Francisco was endangered by Church/State loonies, someone reminded the city planning board that the cross was featured in “Dirty Harry” with Eastwood kissing the cross at one point during a confrontation with the bad guy. Cross saved!

    Mount Rushmore plays a huge part in “North by Northwest” among other flicks, and a bit of revisionist film history by Martin Landau before he died tagged his character (Landau’s first big film role) as being LGBTQXYZ and possibly a closeted lover of James Mason’s main antagonist.

    Don’t underestimate how much weight that will carry. Hitchcock is sacred, more so than Eastwood. Universal will want that monument preserved.

  9. Ray Thompson says:

    Why the h*ll else would anyone go to S. Dakota?

    To get to North Dakota. Then that begs the question why the h*ll go to North Dakota. Canada I guess. But who wants to go to Canada?

  10. Greg Norton says:

    “Why the h*ll else would anyone go to S. Dakota?”

    To get to North Dakota. Then that begs the question why the h*ll go to North Dakota. Canada I guess. But who wants to go to Canada?

    The “Corner Gas” set in Rouleau was demolished in 2016 after the movie wrapped. That’s the only reason I ever considered heading into that part of Canada when we lived in WA State.

  11. pcb_duffer says:

    [snip] Why the h*ll else would anyone go to South Dakota? [snip]

    1 To see Wall Drug. To use a modern day analogy, it’s sort of a Bucee’s without gas pumps.
    2 Because Uncle Sam told you to live at Ellsworth AFB.
    3 Because you live on a reservation in Nebraska, and alcohol is closest just across the line in South Dakota. Seriously, the road is supposedly known as the Blood Highway.
    4 To visit Custer State Park, the Badlands, and the Crazy Horse Memorial.

  12. SteveF says:

    Why the h*ll else would anyone go to S. Dakota?

    Because South Dakota is a very business-friendly state, especially small business and startups.

    (Or it was. Haven’t checked lately, since it’s become obvious that I’m stucking in NYF’inS for five more years.)

  13. lynn says:

    “House Democrats will vote to make Washington D.C. a state – and rename the District of Columbia the Douglass Commonwealth”


    Hat tip to:

  14. lynn says:

    “Data map reveals the 23% of US counties that are currently seeing an uncontrollable growth in COVID-19 – as new model predicts Phoenix alone could see 28,000 new infections a DAY by July 18”

    “In Houston, daily infections are forecast to increase to more than 4,500 in the same time frame. Miami could see cases surge to more than 2,800 in the next three weeks.”

    I don’t trust the model. And I hope that it is wrong.

    Hat tip to:

  15. Greg Norton says:

    “In Houston, daily infections are forecast to increase to more than 4,500 in the same time frame. Miami could see cases surge to more than 2,800 in the next three weeks.”

    I don’t trust the model. And I hope that it is wrong.

    The Daily Mail. Again, take it with a grain of salt.

    I can imagine the giggling that takes place in the newsrom at The Mail … well, except the morning they found out how much they would have to pay to the Trump family to settle the slander lawsuit.

  16. Nick Flandrey says:

    Well, got home from my site visit, although I’ll be going back tomorrow. Finally got approval to swap the TV at Costco. Don’t know why it took an extra week. Guy on the phone was coughing his lungs out.

    Pretty sure we lost the input board on the theater projector. It’s a $16K sony so I hope they can repair it. Lightning again. Last time we had to fix that projector it was the same thing. Nearby lighting strike killed the input board on the proj, and the video out on the AV receiver it is connected too. I’ll be double checking tomorrow but I think it’s smoked. I’m going to suggest we put a fiber extender in place of the copper HDMI just to keep it from happening again. I tried to test the input today with my signal generator, but the 5v wall wart was dead as a doornail. Age related failure. Most of the wall warts we’ve lost over there in the past couple of months are similar ages. Caps or tin whiskers, it’s a huge pain in the butt.

    It was HOT in the attic, even at 83F and overcast…


  17. Nick Flandrey says:

    A used Frigidaire upright freezer, def not new, just went for $550 in an estate auction here. That’s about $687 out the door.


    Wisdom of crowds?


  18. lynn says:

    “25 Best Young Adult Fantasy Books” by Dan Livingston

    I think that I have read “Nine Princes in Amber”. I know that I have read “Dragonflight”, “The Once and Future King”, and “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”.

    I have seen the “Watership Down”, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, and “The Golden Compass” movies.

  19. ayjblog says:

    half hispanic half white, always seemed hilarious the american clasification, its a goodexample, jajajjajajja

    As you say, utterly nonsense

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