Day: June 26, 2020

Fri. June 26, 2020 – starting to get real…

Supposed to be cooler, but still humid today.  Mid 80s.

Yesterday stayed cool for a while but was still up in the high 90s in my driveway by early afternoon.  It was overcast until late in the day, which helped me by keeping temps in the attic down somewhat.  Still HOT, just less hot.  I didn’t have a thermometer with me, but last time I was up in this attic in summer it was 142F iirc. It started raining heavily around 2am, and added a couple of inches to the pool.  I’ll actually have to drain water out as soon as I get a chance.  We’ve gotten a ton of rain in the last few days.

I spent the morning messing around.  The afternoon and evening were spent at my customer’s house.  And I’ll be back there today.  I hope I get done.  He wants everything done before the 4th, and so do I.   They are having a ‘small gathering’ and I have no interest in being there after that, not for at least 3 weeks.

Dinner was two cornish game hens from the deep part of the freezer, at least a couple of years old.  Baked, stuffed with oranges, covered in jerk seasoning and garlic powder.  Delicious.  And so preciously tiny!  Sides were cheesy pasta from a pouch, BB 2018 and fine, and of course canned corn…  Dessert for me was more of the cookies from yesterday.

My buddy the hospital exec says he’s not worried.  They’ve got capacity, and the press and TMC hospitals are fearmongering.  Since TMC had to ‘clarify’ their earlier statements and reassure the audience for the 6pm news that “we’ve got plenty of resources to care for Houstonians, and there is too much panic in the community at the moment”, he is probably right, at least for now.  I’ll point out, it was panic which they helped whip up.

On the other hand, the Governor is getting briefed by someone, and he just pulled back on loosening restrictions.   Closer to home, my sometimes business partner thinks he’s caught a case of sweet and sour sicken.  He works in a hospital, and trusts their processes, but he’s definitely sick with flu like symptoms.  He’s running a fever and the symptoms have been getting worse.  I hope to know something from him in a day or two, and I hope he doesn’t have it.

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