Day: June 10, 2020

Wed. June 10, 2020 – Supposed to be cooler…

But probably hot and humid.

Yesterday stayed hot all day.  Wife and kids got in the pool after dinner, but I watered the gardens.   Cabbage is doing well.  I got about 7 blueberries but they were sweet and delicious.  Peppers going crazy, broccoli still alive.  Out of the six mounds I planted, I’ve got three that sprouted and seem to be growing.  Watermelon or hard acorn squash, I don’t remember which, maybe a couple of each…  Corn is still growing.  Fewer onions than before, damn squirrels dig them up.   Maybe I’ve got some cilantro popping up, something is anyway.

I did get out to pick up my new benchtop power supply and did some cleaning/ organizing at my secondary location.

Today I’m taking some stuff to a local auction house.  We’ll see how it does.  Saves me the shipping hassle, and moves stuff out of the house.  Speaking of, I took 3 boxes of stuff out of my office, mainly old manuals and catalogs.  I like catalogs the same way I like trade magazines.  It’s easier to find stuff you never knew about in a catalog or ads in an appropriate magazine.  Now I’ve got some more room on the shelf in the closet for the good stuff.

So I got some stuff done, but not as much as I’d like.

Dinner was frozen steak on the grill.  For sides, I thought I’d fry some potatoes and maybe do some onion rings.  Six potatoes and 2 onions, half a pack of shrimp fry batter, cast iron fryer, and some peanut oil, and PURE HEAVEN!   Called the kids in and we ate the home made kettle chips and onion rings while they were hot and fresh.  Ate the steak by itself after all the rest was fried and eaten.   So tasty and a nice treat.  I just sliced the potatoes with a mandolin right into the pot of oil.  Wife seasoned the chips with a variety of stuff, but we liked the dusting of Lawry’s best.  Onion rings just needed a bit of salt.  When you’ve got potatoes and onions getting close to their sell by, make meals with potatoes and onions!

Meanwhile, the insanity is continuing.   Part of Seattle is now barricaded off as the “Capital Hill Freezone”, in Cali someone is burning homeowner’s flags that they don’t like (homeowners are next), MN is committed to getting rid of their police, and authorities are debasing themselves in public.  What a mess.  Spicy times are coming.

Keep getting ready, restock, add to your stocks, add to your knowledge and skills.

Keep stacking.



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