Day: June 30, 2020

Tues. June 30, 2020 – srsly, the world has lost it’s collective mind…

Hot and humid.  Rain?  [overcast, 82F and saturated]

No rain yesterday, but hot and humid all right.  Overcast until late in the day, so a bit cooler.  Still plenty damp though.

Spent part of the morning on auctions stuff, part on getting parts for my client, and part getting ready for what I needed to do in the afternoon.  Spent the afternoon and evening working over there.  Got stuff done, just not enough.  I’ll be headed back over today to pull stuff for service and to do network stuff.  Fortunately I only had to spend minutes rather than hours in the attic, and it was relatively cool.

Dinner when I finally got home was leftovers.  Turkey, yum.

Out in the wider world someone is increasingly desperate, and doesn’t understand roughly half the US population.  Riots didn’t help.  Tearing down statues is only hurting.  School’s out and not coming back for a while, so easy access to moldable footsoldiers is limited.   Attempts at controlling the population (for good or ill) are getting all kinds of pushback.  So what to do?  Use your house organ for one of the most improbable stories of the year, that Russia was paying bounties for US servicemen.  Because Trump’s a Russian agent, and is too friendly with Putin for the good of America, we can finally reveal that Putin is evil?  And contradictory?  Or it’s all part of Trump and Putin’s secret plan to destroy the US?  Because reasons?

I thought that was weird enough and a desperation move, but then they said “Hold my beer” and now purport to have committed high treason, and oathbreaking at a level that should result in firing squads or rock breaking for the next 100 years– by releasing the President of the United States’ private phone conversations.  No matter where you stand on the Trump continuum, that is OUTRAGEOUS.  As in should cause RAGE against the leakers and their mouthpieces.  Of course, the likelihood of it being genuine, and not wholly fabricated is minimal given that every single other thing they’ve tried has turned out to be fabricated.  But…

It doesn’t matter if every single word is accurate and true.  DOESN’T matter.  Boils down to “he’s mean” “he says mean things” ” he’s full of himself” “he doesn’t like or respect the people we do” ” he doesn’t play the game the right way”  and those are not reasons to betray your oath and country.

Nothing good will come of this, and we’re still months out from the election.

On top of everything else, we do not need political operatives destabilizing our government.

As for me, the mice get nervous when elephants dance.   Freezer.  Meat.  Shelf stable food.  Meds.  Weapons.  Armor.  Training.  Toiletries.  Utilities.  Garden.  Network.  Meatspace.*

Keep stacking.




*funny how suddenly it’s much harder to get together to talk, plan, train, move toward a common goal, etc.  unless you are part of the anointed class…

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