Day: June 9, 2020

Tues. June 9, 2020 – no riot in Houston

Hot and humid, although we’re supposed to get a break.

Yesterday my weather station peaked at 107F in the sun on the driveway side of the house.  I was working in the driveway most of the day, but I tried to only work when the sun was behind clouds.  I got my hat and vest on too.

It was still hot hot hot.  I felt pretty good though, not like last year.  I think I’m finally recovered from my heat injury of a couple of years ago.  I better be careful and not re-injure myself.

I still didn’t get everything done in the driveway that I wanted to.  More work today.

Swim team practice this morning, then pickup a DC benchtop power supply.  I hope it works, as I’ve needed a good one for some time.  There is a lot of troubleshooting that requires a current limited source, which I haven’t had.

I spent some time in the afternoon in the shade trying to MacGyver a pool vacuum.  The pump that came with the pool (which we swapped out for a more powerful pump/filter) won’t actually draw the water in.  It relies on gravity to get the water to the pump, then expels it.  This is a subtle difference but it means that it won’t draw water through a hose to vacuum the pool like an in-ground system.  After messing around for far too long, I just set up a garden hose as a siphon, tied it to a long handle, and used that to suck up the worst of the dirt on the bottom.  It ran out to the street and isn’t the cheapest or most enviro-friendly thing to do, but that’s what I did.  I didn’t run it for long, and I don’t have any idea how many gallons I lost and replaced.  Oh well, no one said pools were cheap.

On the plus side, no riots broke out during the public viewing for the career criminal.  Local news says over 6000 people came, including the Governor.  There really weren’t good photos to show the crowd size so I guess we’ll take their word for it.  It didn’t look particularly crowded.  It was gloves and masks for everyone with a temperature check at the door (after standing in the sun, in 90F+ heat) and a metal detector…

Nice to see this in the rag–

According to The Washington Post’s database of fatal police shootings, police have shot and killed about twice as many white people as black people since 2015. Yet there about six times as many white people as black people in the United States, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Proportionally, black people are much more likely to be shot and killed by cops, according to the Washington Post’s database.

Although they left off the part about that 4% of the population being responsible for 40% of the violent crime, according to FBI data, at least they mentioned what they did.   It would be nice to see a list of his crimes in the article but at least they mention him being in prison.

According to that same rag, Houston is seeing a spike in Covid-19 hospitalizations, and the biggest single day increase in cases in Texas was Saturday.  That timing sounds about right for hospitalizations from the easing of restrictions here.   Pretty sure we’ll be seeing a bunch more cases soon.  I know some of you guys are anxious for a return to normal.  Hugs and handshakes in church, breakfast with the club, monthly meetings of whatever, but it’s not over.  We’ve had over 2M cases in the US, with over 113K deaths.  Adjust that number by your preferred fraud factor, but even if you use 20%, that is still a REALLY big number, and it isn’t stopping.  Even with 20% over reporting, which would be ridiculously high, we’ll be over 100K deaths before too long.  New cases are not decreasing yet.  Don’t blow it.  Stay with what you’ve been doing.  Let those other guys prove it’s ok to go back out.  If there is evil taking a hand in this, don’t let them succeed.

I’m going to continue as I’ve been, relaxing my contacts with others just a bit but still including mask and gloves where appropriate.  I’ll still be cutting my own hair, and not shaking any hands or getting up close and personal with anyone.

Dinner last night was frozen cheeseburgers, canned corn, and avocados.  I was beat from being in the sun.  Did I mention that night before’s dinner of leftovers included me making gravy from a packet with bb of 2015?   It was fine.  As were the breakfast hash browns from 2015.  Use common sense, but things last a lot longer than you expect.  That might be REALLY important if things keep going downhill.

Keep stacking,



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