Day: June 1, 2020

Mon. June 1, 2020 – still locked down, but you wouldn’t know it

Hot, humid, and we’re on the edge of a storm system, so maybe rainy.

Yesterday was all those things and sometimes cool as well.

I got some stuff done, mostly moving and organizing in the driveway.  So much still to do.  I guess that’s where I’ll start today.

Dinner was steak from the freezer, cauliflower done like twice baked potatoes.  My motivation to cook was low, my wife did the cauliflower.

Kids spent as much time as possible in the pool, and I hope they never get tired of it.

I did look around the gardens a bit.  Potatoes are dying.  No idea why.  Corn is coming in, about a foot high now.  I only planted a few stalks to see if it would grow and if the squirrels would get it all.   Harvested more sweet peppers.  Tomatoes have flowers but I’m told it isn’t cold enough for them to actually get any more fruit this year.  We’ll see.  Broccoli is doing ok, cabbage looks like it’s coming along.  Got 4 blueberries today.   Citrus is about the same as it was.  Nothing on the peach or apple.  Squash and/or watermelon are still growing, I’ve lost track of which mound was which.  I really should have made notes.   Grapevine is flourishing, I hope that means I’ll get some grapes this year.  The other grapevine didn’t die, but it didn’t grow much, maybe it will recover next year.  Obviously, my garden barely gives me any food at all.  The learning curve is steep in this part of the country, and in my yard especially.  Get started NOW.  If you can’t plant, build beds and start work on fertilizer or compost.

Summer’s here and so is the rioting.  Didn’t get enough out of the shutdown and isolation so now we’re mixing in public and burning what businesses made it through.  You’d almost think someone was pushing this along.  I’m pretty sure OFD would have had some things to say about it.  And while you’re thinking about the dead guy and the riots, ask yourself what’s different this time, from when the diversity hire shot an Australian housewife in her bathrobe.  And, why does anyone outside of Houston or MN care this time?

If you’re out and about, keep your awareness and know a couple of alternatives to your travel routes.  Arm up.  Review the law in your state.  Clean up your social media NOW, in case you have a problem later.  This all goes double if your home or business is in the line of fire.

And don’t forget that COVID is still out there, still spreading, and still sickening and killing people.  We’ve got a brief pause before we start seeing cases related to all this public nonsense.  Restock, refresh, restore.

Keep stacking,



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