Day: June 28, 2020

Sun. June 28, 2020 – another busy day planned

Hot, humid, really humid….

Yesterday was ok in the shade but smoking skin hot in the sun.  I felt my neck and scalp crinkling while I was cleaning the pool.

After doing the absolute minimum in house and yard work, I headed out.  Did an auction pickup that was about 20 minutes further away than I thought.  I’m not doing that again.  Then went to my secondary location with the best of intentions… and got completely sidetracked into a 6 hour conversation with my neighbors.  Suddenly it was dark out, and I was 3 hours overdue for dinner.  I think I might have had a reaction to being isolated.  Maybe it’s getting to me more than I think.

So today I plan to do a bit of work in the garage, cut the grass, and then head over to do the work that didn’t get done yesterday.  We’ll see how that goes.

Summer travel season and gas is ~$1.60/ gallon here.  Crazy low.

I see that third world style statue attacks are continuing, as are the marches.  We’re far from peak stupidity on this issue.  Plan for it to get worse.

Wuflu still is out there claiming victims.  Don’t volunteer for it.

Keep planning and keep improving your position.

And keep stacking.



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