Day: June 3, 2020

Wed. June 3, 2020 – more stupidity nationally

Hot and humid.  Chance of rain.

Hot all day yesterday.  I was in the truck most of the afternoon, and I will be again.  I bought some shelves to help organize my auction stuff in my storage area and I need to pick them up.  They are Metro racks on wheels, which should be useful.  I have a plan of attack for some stuff at my secondary location, I just need to find the time to execute.  That will improve a lot of things here at home too.

As I was driving around today, one of our local Houston talk radio hosts pointed out that only a few days ago, when people gathered to protest the continuing lockdown, our newbie democrat socialist emergency manager, the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and just about everyone else was condemning people for not social distancing, for gathering, for leaving their houses.  Suddenly, the Chief is HUGGING people, the Judge insists that protesting is the responsible thing for a citizen to do, and huge crowds of people are gathered every day with little PPE and no distancing.  So if it’s something they support, lockdown be damned.  And we’re not supposed to notice the duplicitous and self serving flip flopping…  Notice.  Write it down.  Keep track.  Vote.

Watching the most egregious attacks on cops last night, and then reading the comments, I really don’t see how we can avoid a civil war.  Lots of commentors on twitter noticing that too, seemingly for the first time.  There are people who haven’t given it much thought, and missed the Ferguson riots because they were too busy with work or family, but they’ve got time now, and they don’t like what they see.  That seems to be true for both sides.  Unless some single horrific event is so shocking that it changes the country’s mood, I think as part of the bigger overall changes in the world we’ll see an actual civil war here or some sort of low intensity apartheid.  I don’t see the sides reconciling or stepping back from the brink.

Think hard about what that might mean for you and yours.  Pandemic and the economic destruction we’ve seen in the last 3 months seemed a lot less likely than a civil war in the US, and yet… here we are.  War, pestilence, and famine.  Here we go.

Dinner was Taco Tuesday! Ole’!  Freezer meat, spice packet, fixin’s from the fridge, and a few of the 200 tortillas I put in the fridge when this all started.  Kid1 says “I LIVE for Taco Tuesday!”  Hooray for the daddy.

In the mean time, while we prepare for what might come, we continue on with our daily lives.

Keep stacking.  No matter what comes, it’ll be easier with money in the bank, stalwart allies, useful skills, and a full belly.



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